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The Olive Branch

‘The Olive Branch’

Season 4, Episode 9 - Aired March 20, 2018

David tries to patch things up with Patrick. Meanwhile, Alexis starts a communications company and hopes to pitch the town on the idea of a singles' night, and Johnny gives Stevie a gift for being Employee of the Month.

Quote from Moira

Alexis: Okay, okay, I literally started my company today. Do you know how much work this is gonna be? Okay, we will be Co-Chairs, and I will be charging Council my full fee.
Moira: Starting to get keyed up about this prospect of a mother-daughter power team. Modern day Judy and Lorna.
Alexis: I don't know who that is.
Moira: Oh, my God.


Quote from Alexis

Johnny: And, there she is! Hot off the presses!
Alexis: Alexis Rose.
David: Why is there a line through it?
Johnny: Oh, toner must be low.
Moira: This certificate reminds me of the one you were awarded for getting your braces off. Now that was a grand day.
David: Yes, except my orthodontist had a slightly better printer.
Alexis: I'm sorry, did David spend four months earning a degree?
Moira: Alexis, we're equally proud of you, dear.

Quote from David

Johnny: Let's see what this says, Alexis? Elmdale College, Alexis Rose, majoring in Marketing and... [David gasps] Looks like a bit of a typo.
David: Pubic relations.
Alexis: What? Oh my god, give me that!
Johnny: No, honey, obviously it's a bit a of a misprint.
David: Is it though, do you think? [Alexis grunts]

Quote from David

Stevie: That's a nice bracelet. Did you get that from Patrick?
David: I might have.
Stevie: So you waiting a full week to forgive him has nothing to do with the fact that he showered you with gifts and attention every day.
David: That is purely coincidental! I was just working up the strength, to be able to put our differences aside, for the future of our relationship.

Quote from Stevie

Stevie: Well, I know I lot of people who are gonna be very excited that you guys have worked things out.
David: Well, that is very touching. I'm glad that we have everyone's support.
Stevie: Yeah, I think it's that, uh, and I think it's the fact that you've been a smidge needy this past week?
David: Hmm.
Stevie: Maybe needy's the wrong word.
David: Hmm.
Stevie: Clingy?

Quote from David

Stevie: Good luck.
David: [sighs] Thank you. And I have missed him a lot. And I am very excited to not, not be with him anymore.
Stevie: I know. You sure you don't wanna wait another day, though? I mean you never know what could show up on your doorstep.
David: I don't like what you're insinuating. That said, if a package does arrive, please keep it safe.

Quote from Moira

Alexis: Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?
Moira: Oh, always. Just not now. Council is about to decide which bid will be awarded the first-ever district-wide Arts and Culture Grant.
Alexis: I know. Which is why I wanted to give you this.
Moira: And what, pray tell, might this collection of words be?

Quote from Johnny

Johnny: Uh oh, looks like something showed up for you this morning.
Stevie: O-Kay? Who's it from?
Johnny: Well, there might be a hint in the card.
Stevie: "Congratulations, Employee of the Month"? Since when has this been a thing?
Johnny: Well, this is the second month. I won it last month, took myself out for lunch. I'm kidding.

Quote from Roland

Roland: I like this singles idea.
Moira: No.
Roland: Single people is what this town needs! Loose wallets, loose inhibitions, everything's just really loose.

Quote from Alexis

Stevie: I'm gonna do something uncharacteristic, and ask your advice. Is there something off about the way that I look?
Alexis: Did someone mention the posture thing?
Stevie: What?
Alexis: Is it the utility shirts?
Stevie: No.
Alexis: No, okay, um, well you should probably just go ahead and tell me what you meant then.

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