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28Quotes from ‘The Slutty Pumpkin’

How I Met Your Mother: The Slutty Pumpkin

106. The Slutty Pumpkin

Aired October 24, 2005

Robin and her new boyfriend Mike have a double date with Lily and Marshall, while Ted attends a rooftop Halloween party in search of a slutty pumpkin.

Quote from Barney

Ted: Barney. What, you're back?
Barney: That's right.
Ted: In a totally new costume.
Barney: Every Halloween, I bring a spare costume in case I strike out with the hottest girl at the party. That way I have a second chance to make a first impression.


Quote from Barney

Barney: You know what I love about Halloween? It's the one night of the year chicks use to unleash their inner ho-bag. If a girl dresses up as she a witch, she's a slutty witch. If she's a cat, she's a slutty cat. If she's a nurse...
Lily: Wow, we get it.
Barney: She's a slutty nurse.

Quote from Marshall

Ted: I just met the perfect woman. She's funny. She's beautiful. She loves Star Wars.
Marshall: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What's her take on Ewoks?
Ted: Loves them.
Marshall: Oh good. I don't know why people are so cynical about Ewoks. The Rebellion would have failed without the Ewoks.
Ted: Get this, she's a marine biologist. She spent a year in Antarctica studying penguins.
Marshall: Oh, penguins are cool, kinda like black and white Ewoks. I approve.

Quote from Marshall

Marshall: I still think we should have won as Sonny and Cher. Maybe if I had worn that red dress. Ha, if I could turn back time.

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