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Mom and Dad

‘Mom and Dad’

Season 9, Episode 10 -  Aired November 18, 2013

When Barney's father, Jerry, arrives at the hotel, Barney puts a scheme in motion to get his parents back together. Meanwhile, Ted thinks somebody is sabotaging his work as best man.

Quote from Ted

Ted: So, Claude, I see that you're a Montreal Canadiens fan. Which means you hate the Edmonton Oilers, which is why you destroyed the Wayne Gretzky head shot! J'accuse!
Claude: C'est ridicule!
Ted: If it's so ridicule, how do you explain this? Ah, seems like I've caught you... midnight blue-handed.
Claude: Oh, these. I-I was out by the water when... an elderly Rastafarian hang glider... he-he crash onto a beached squid, which squirted ink when I ran in to help.
Ted: You really expect me to believe that?
Ted: Story checks out. Sorry, Claude.

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