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Quote from Chandler in The One in Barbados (Part 1)

David: I'm sorry, I just wish I could make her forget about Mike already. Why did Phoebe and Mike break up?
Chandler: Uh, because his penis was too big. Ha. I'm sorry. That's the kind of thing I do.


 ‘The One in Barbados (Part 1)’ Quotes

Quote from Joey

Joey: I play Dr. Drake Ramoray.
Sarah: I'm sorry. I don't own a TV.
Joey: You don't own a TV? What's all your furniture pointed at?

Quote from Phoebe

Monica: Well, at least you took me down with you.
Phoebe: I'm so sorry. I just I keep thinking about Mike. I'm crazy about David, and we're having so much fun together. Why? Why do I miss Mike? That's just That's gonna go away, right?
Monica: Well, I guess. In time. Yeah. I mean, my feelings for Richard are certainly gone.
Phoebe: You just did it again. Chandler. Your feelings for Chandler are certainly gone.

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Quote from The One with All the Rugby

Chandler: Janice. There you are. I had to have one last kiss. And also, you said you were going to leave after I got on the plane.
Janice: No. I want to see you take off.
Chandler: Well, then I guess I'm going to Yemen. I'm going to Yemen. [to an elderly woman in line] When we get to Yemen, can I stay with you?

Quote from The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth's Dad

Ross: I just found out Elizabeth's dad wants to meet me.
Chandler: Wait a minute. Hold the phone. You're not Elizabeth's dad?