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Quote from Monica in The One in Barbados (Part 1)

Mike: Hello?
Monica: Okay, Mike? Enough is enough. Now, you love Phoebe, and she loves you. So you need to get over your l-never-wanna-get-married thing and step up.
Mike: Who is this?
Monica: This is Monica. I'm Phoebe's friend. Listen, Phoebe is back with David. And he's gonna propose, and she's gonna say yes but I know she really wants to be with you.
Mike: He's gonna propose?
Monica: I'm sorry, did you say something? I can't hear through all this damned hair.
Mike: Look, if Phoebe wants to marry David, she should. I'm not gonna stand in the way of that.
Neither should you.
Monica: You don't tell me what to do. I tell you what to do. Just call her. She's at the Paradise Hotel in Barbados. And while I've got you, you've got curly hair. What do you do in the humidity? [dial tone] Damn it.

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