Adult Chris Quote #66

Quote from Adult Chris in Everybody Hates a Part Time Job

Rochelle: Well, what do you need a leather jacket for? What's wrong with Drew's old coat?
Adult Chris: [v.o.] Instead of Drew wearing my old clothes, I wore his old clothes. I think I was the first kid to get hand-me-ups.


 ‘Everybody Hates a Part Time Job’ Quotes

Quote from Julius

Chris: I was hoping you could give me an allowance.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] I know it sounded like an innocent enough question, but here's what he heard.
Chris: Since you work like a slave all day and don't have any time to enjoy your own money, can I have it?
Julius: I'm not giving you money for walking around doing nothing. An allowance? I'll allow you to sleep here at night. I'll allow you to eat them potatoes. I'll allow you to use my lights. I'll allow you to drink my Kool-Aid. I'll allow you to nibble on them green beans. I'll allow you to look at that TV. I'll allow you to run up my gas bill. I'll allow you to walk up my stairs. I'll allow you to ask me these ridiculous-ass questions. Why should I give you an allowance when I already paid for everything you do? Who you know that gets an allowance? Huh? I'm finished.
Chris: I was talking to Greg and he said that he gets five dollars a week.
Julius: Sounds like Greg's doing better than me. Ask him for an allowance. You want to buy a leather coat, you need to get a leather coat job.

Quote from Rochelle

Rochelle: Okay, baby, I'm gonna take you to the emergency room. Wait here. I'm gonna get your coat. Drew, get up!
Adult Chris: [v.o.] Going to the doctor was serious business, because usually, if something was wrong with one of us, my parents thought they could fix it with Robitussin.
[flashback to Drew touching his finger to the stove:]
Drew: Ow! I burned my finger!
Rochelle: Let me see, boy, let me see. Take some Robitussin.
[flashback to Julius and Rochelle looking in Tonya's mouth:]
Julius: Looks like a tooth broke off.
Rochelle: Yeah. I'll go get the Robitussin.
[flashback to Rochelle opening the door to a concerned Tonya:]
Rochelle: What?
Tonya: Mama, Chris just got hit by a car.
Rochelle: Oh, my God, I'll go get the Robitussin.

Quote from Rochelle

Rochelle: Excuse me, nurse. My baby's stomach is killing her.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] The thing about people who work in emergency rooms is they're not the ones with the emergency, you are.
Nurse: Really?
Admittance Clerk: But did you see Tracy last week with her new man?
Rochelle: Do you see me standing here with a sick child?
Admittance Clerk: Do you see me here talking to somebody? Quit hollerin' at people! You know, I don't need this. My man has three jobs!