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Quote from Rochelle in Everybody Hates a Part Time Job

Rochelle: Okay, baby, I'm gonna take you to the emergency room. Wait here. I'm gonna get your coat. Drew, get up!
Adult Chris: [v.o.] Going to the doctor was serious business, because usually, if something was wrong with one of us, my parents thought they could fix it with Robitussin.
[flashback to Drew touching his finger to the stove:]
Drew: Ow! I burned my finger!
Rochelle: Let me see, boy, let me see. Take some Robitussin.
[flashback to Julius and Rochelle looking in Tonya's mouth:]
Julius: Looks like a tooth broke off.
Rochelle: Yeah. I'll go get the Robitussin.
[flashback to Rochelle opening the door to a concerned Tonya:]
Rochelle: What?
Tonya: Mama, Chris just got hit by a car.
Rochelle: Oh, my God, I'll go get the Robitussin.

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