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Derry Girls: The Reunion

305. The Reunion

Aired May 10, 2022

When Mary, Sarah and friends attend their high school reunion, they think back to their leavers' disco in 1977.

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Da Gerry: Do I want to know why you're reading a book on the Russian Revolution?
Aunt Sarah: Ach, it's just one of my wee interests.
Da Gerry: Really?
Aunt Sarah: I've always been into Russia, Gerry, you know that.
Da Gerry: I know you had a furry hat once.
Aunt Sarah: It's been 20 years since I've seen some of these girls. Back then, everybody thought I was a bimbo.
Da Gerry: No!
Aunt Sarah: But tonight they'll realise how wrong they were.
Da Gerry: Or they'll wonder why you're harping on about Rasputin.


Quote from Orla

Aunt Sarah: Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea knocked about with us.
Ma Mary: Until she bagged her medical student boyfriend. We weren't good enough for the likes of Janette, then. Oh, no.
Aunt Sarah: He's a surgeon now. He took out Orla's tonsils.
Orla: And is point-blank refusing to give them back.

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Aunt Sarah: Make us a cup of tea, will you, Mary? I'd do it myself, but the Bolsheviks are just about to kick off.

Quote from Ma Mary

Ma Mary: Oh, and I got you a new suit. I've laid it on the bed, you need to try it on.
Da Gerry: A new suit?
Ma Mary: Dunnes were having a sale.
Da Gerry: Even so, it's a lot of fuss for a school reunion, isn't it? I mean, new suits, the Battle of Stalingrad, who are you trying to impress?
Ma Mary: Nobody.
Aunt Sarah: Janette Joyce, formerly O'Shea.
Ma Mary: I am not trying to impress Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea! I couldn't give a shit about Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea!
Da Gerry: Who's Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea?
Ma Mary: I don't wanna talk about Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea.

Quote from Sister Michael

Sister Michael: Good evening, ladies.
Da Gerry: Good evening, Sister.
Ma Mary: I didn't know you were coming, Sister.
Sister Michael: No, I mean, we're not really expected to attend the reunions, but I couldn't help myself tonight. The past pupils here are just so...
Ma Mary: Well, that's...
Sister Michael: ...untrustworthy.
Ma Mary: I see.
Sister Michael: And there's a lot of valuable items in the building, paintings and the like, so, I think it's wise to keep an eye. I'll be carrying out random searches throughout the night. Enjoy yourselves, ladies.
Ma Mary: We'll try.

Quote from Da Gerry

Da Gerry: What's happened here?
Ma Mary: Starting a healthy eating plan, Gerry.
Da Gerry: What?!
Aunt Sarah: No sugar, no dairy, no carbs, no meat.
Da Gerry: That's not a healthy eating plan, that's a no eating plan!
Ma Mary: Don't be so dramatic, Gerry. We can have oranges.
Da Gerry: Oranges?
Ma Mary: We can have as many oranges as we like.
Da Gerry: We can't survive on oranges alone, girls!

Quote from Da Gerry

Ma Mary: We've no choice, Gerry.
Aunt Sarah: We both need to drop a dress size before this school reunion.
Da Gerry: The school reunion is tonight, isn't it?
Ma Mary: That's right.
Da Gerry: And the orange diet started when?
Ma Mary: About 20 minutes ago.
Aunt Sarah: 25, maybe.
Da Gerry: Oh, sure, you're laughing, then.

Quote from Erin

Erin: We got it!
Ma Mary: Brilliant, let's hear it.
Erin: So, if you were to jump up and down on the spot for an hour straight you'd burn 500 calories.
Ma Mary: How much weight is that?
Erin: So, there is six hours until the reunion starts, you'll need an hour or so to get ready...
Aunt Sarah: An hour? That wean's not well.
Erin: ..which leaves... five hours? So, 500 calories by five hours...
Ma Mary: Is how much weight?
Erin: 500 times five...
Orla: What are we doing, Erin?
Ma Mary: Cut to the chase, girls! How many pounds can we lose?
Erin: Almost one.
Ma Mary: Almost one?! Is that it? Are you sure?
Orla: The numbers never lie, Aunt Mary.

Quote from Da Gerry

Ma Mary: Is there another way we can shift half a stone before eight o'clock?
Da Gerry: Cut off a leg?

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Erin: Have you decided what you're wearing yet?
Aunt Sarah: I've narrowed it down to two.
Ma Mary: Dresses?
Aunt Sarah: Rails.

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