Sister Michael Quote #68

Quote from Sister Michael in The Reunion

Sister Michael: Good evening, ladies.
Gerry: Good evening, Sister.
Mary: I didn't know you were coming, Sister.
Sister Michael: No, I mean, we're not really expected to attend the reunions, but I couldn't help myself tonight. The past pupils here are just so...
Mary: Well, that's...
Sister Michael: ...untrustworthy.
Mary: I see.
Sister Michael: And there's a lot of valuable items in the building, paintings and the like, so, I think it's wise to keep an eye. I'll be carrying out random searches throughout the night. Enjoy yourselves, ladies.
Mary: We'll try.


 ‘The Reunion’ Quotes

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Gerry: Do I want to know why you're reading a book on the Russian Revolution?
Aunt Sarah: Ach, it's just one of my wee interests.
Gerry: Really?
Aunt Sarah: I've always been into Russia, Gerry, you know that.
Gerry: I know you had a furry hat once.
Aunt Sarah: It's been 20 years since I've seen some of these girls. Back then, everybody thought I was a bimbo.
Gerry: No!
Aunt Sarah: But tonight they'll realise how wrong they were.
Gerry: Or they'll wonder why you're harping on about Rasputin.

Quote from Orla

Aunt Sarah: Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea knocked about with us.
Mary: Until she bagged her medical student boyfriend. We weren't good enough for the likes of Janette, then. Oh, no.
Aunt Sarah: He's a surgeon now. He took out Orla's tonsils.
Orla: And is point-blank refusing to give them back.

Quote from Ma Mary

Mary: Oh, and I got you a new suit. I've laid it on the bed, you need to try it on.
Gerry: A new suit?
Mary: Dunnes were having a sale.
Gerry: Even so, it's a lot of fuss for a school reunion, isn't it? I mean, new suits, the Battle of Stalingrad, who are you trying to impress?
Mary: Nobody.
Aunt Sarah: Janette Joyce, formerly O'Shea.
Mary: I am not trying to impress Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea! I couldn't give a shit about Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea!
Gerry: Who's Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea?
Mary: I don't wanna talk about Janette Joyce formerly O'Shea.