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Quote from Woody in Norm and Cliff's Excellent Adventure

Woody: Look what I just got on the shopping channel. Now, there's only about 2,000 of these little babies left, so a word to the wise. Well?
Rebecca: Well, that's, uh... It's beautiful, Woody. It's a beautiful cow.
Woody: I'll say, and that's not the best part of it. It's also a great clock.
Male Voice: It's [imitates cow bellow] noon.
Sam: What, um... What happens if it's 7:00 o'clock?
Woody: Well, a cow's power of speech are kind of limited, you know. Everything kind of sounds like [imitates cow bellow] noon.
Sam: How do you ever know what time it is?
Woody: Well, it helps if you wear a watch.


Quote from Woody in Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment

Woody: Hey, Miss Howe, I was over at the magic shop today, and look what I got for Halloween. Aah! It's the old bloody thumb!
Rebecca: Yuck!
Woody: You just hide it somewhere, and then get ready for the fun. This was a Halloween night tradition around our house.
Rebecca: Woody, please don't tell me how that got started.
Woody: I thought we could use it tonight to scare the guys from Gary's Old Towne Tavern.
Rebecca: Woody, it's not scary, just gross.
Woody: That's 'cause you haven't seen it in action. I'll try it out on Mr. Peterson.
Norm: Wood, can I have a refill?
Woody: Sure thing, Mr. P. Way ahead of you.
Norm: All right. Yuck. What the hell is that?
Rebecca: The old bloody thumb.
Woody: Didn't it scare you?
Norm: No, actually, Wood, it's really more gross than anything else.
Rebecca: Told you. Here's another beer, Norm.
Norm: Thank you, Rebecca. And thank you, Woody. [takes both beers]

Quote from Rebecca in Paint Your Office

Sam: Well, all right, all right, Um... Where were you born?
Rebecca: San Diego.
Sam: San Diego. California, huh?
Rebecca: No, Kansas.
Sam: Come on.
Rebecca: My father's a captain in the Navy. My mother's an interior designer. My brother's a surgeon. My other brother's an attorney. My sister was Miss San Diego. [mimics gagging] The only really happy moment of my life is when I ran away to San Francisco and hung out with Grace Slick. Do you want to know the lyrics to "White Rabbit," or can I quit now?
Sam: Ah. Boy, it sounds like some of the kids in your family are pretty successful, huh?
Rebecca: Yeah, well, if you measure success in terms of wealth, happiness, and my father's undying devotion, maybe.
Sam: Yeah. Boy, I know. I got a brother like that. International lawyer. Handsome, smart, funny. And the guy plays the piano, and he speaks four languages, flies his own jet. [mimics gagging] Seems like my whole life I've been trying to get out from under his shadow.
Rebecca: I know just what you mean. Does he ever come in the bar?
Sam: No, but, uh, I'll call him, if you'll call Miss San Diego.
Rebecca: Nah. They'd probably end up leaving together. [both laugh]

Quote from Norm in It's Lonely on the Top

Carla: Hey, Norm.
Norm: Yeah.
Carla: Do you believe all that stuff that happened last night?
Norm: I don't remember a single thing that happened last night. I do have a bad feeling, though. Vera made me breakfast in bed this morning, and kept calling me "Mister Two Times." Maybe it's best I don't remember.