Trending ‘Cheers’ Quotes

Quote from Cliff in Coach Returns to Action

Diane: Well, what I can't fathom is how one can drink cold beer in freezing weather.
Norm: Cliff? Explanation please.
Diane: Now, how do you know he has one?
Norm: Five bucks says he does, ten says it's a doozy.
Cliff: When the British ruled Punjab...
Norm: Ten bucks all the way.
Cliff: ...they drank steaming hot tea on the hottest days of the year to balance out their inside and outside temperatures. See, conversely, drinking an ice-cold drink on a cold day actually results in a more comfortable body temperature.
Diane: All right. Why do you drink ice-cold beer on a hot day?
Norm: Mr. Clavin?
Cliff: What else are you gonna do with it?


Quote from Woody in Fools and Their Money

Diane: Let's start again. What I'm talking about is the meaning of money. What is it worth? It can't buy love, it can't buy friends, it can't buy happiness.
Woody: Well, you're right, and I already have all those things.
Diane: So, in fact, you have everything. And it wouldn't matter if you never got that money at all.
Woody: [laughs] Oh, you're serious. Oh, I'm sorry, Miss Chambers. You see, it's just that my family never had a lot of money and still my folks were always making sacrifices for us kids, especially my mom. I remember something she used to say to me, she'd say: "Woody, hold on to your dream. I lost mine, but I want yours to come true." It always made me sad to think of what Mom gave up for us.
Diane: What was your mom's dream?
Woody: To be a drummer in a power trio. Her big hero was Ginger Baker in Cream. Whenever we'd walk by the music store in town, she'd just stare and stare at the Ludwigs in the window. I knew even though she was standing in front of Keller's Music, that in her head she was up on some stage banging out the solo in "Toad."
Diane: It must have been tough to go back to breading cutlets.
Woody: Now she's gonna get those drums. And with heavy metal coming back, who knows what might happen.

Quote from Diane in Dark Imaginings

Diane: This is no time for levity. I just called every hotel in Sugarloaf, and there's no Sam Malone registered anywhere.
Norm: Maybe he's staying under an assumed name.
Diane: No, I checked all the assumed names he usually uses. There's no Lance Manion. Nor is there a Honeyboy Wilson.