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Cheers: The Last Angry Mailman

607. The Last Angry Mailman

Aired November 12, 1987

Cliff tries to stop his childhood home from being torn down. Meanwhile, Frasier learns some gossip about Rebecca's past.

Quote from Esther Clavin

Cliff: Boy, oh, boy. Don't you just love this Yorkshire pudding, Ma? That's a real delicacy.
Esther Clavin: The English didn't think so. Actually, Yorkshire pudding was invented in the late 1770s during a beef shortage. A person could be given a little bit of beef and soak up the gravy with the pudding, thereby fooling his stomach into thinking he was having a fuller dinner than he actually was.
Cliff: And you wonder why nobody asks us out anymore.


Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Good afternoon, everybody. Sam, you got you room for one more tosspot? Let me have a beer, will you?
Sam: You betcha. How you been there, Frasier?
Frasier: Well, you know how it is for a psychiatrist this day and age. Divorces, hopelessness over financial situations, rampant paranoia... Thriving, never better.

Quote from Cliff

Cliff: It wouldn't surprise me one bit if it was Rebecca.
Sam: I don't know.
Cliff: No, I mean, it's us quiet, reserved types who, when properly stimulated, turn into your average churning hunk of burning funk.
Norm: Now, Cliffie, uh, can you tell me exactly at what point in your life you came to that big fork in the road where reality took a left and you hung a sharp right?

Quote from Rebecca

Rebecca: I was living in a women's dorm on campus...
Sam: Mm-hmm.
Rebecca: ...and one night a fire broke out.
Sam: Ah.
Rebecca: Well, I didn't have time to change my clothes, so I had to run out to the parking lot wearing only a teddy; black, but see-through. All of a sudden, I was caught in this fire engine's headlights. I didn't know what to do. I looked all around, and suddenly, I spotted this open convertible. I climbed in, and I slunk down to the backseat. Suddenly, this hulking fireman was standing over me. He was magnificent. I looked in his eyes. I knew what he wanted, and I wanted it, too. I peeled off his black rubber raincoat. He ripped off my teddy. I can still feel the heat on my flesh. But it wasn't the fire, it was us. When it was over, I opened my eyes, and I noticed we weren't alone. Others had watched and not said a word. And that's why I'm known as "Backseat Becky." Satisfied?
[Sam nods and goes into the men's room]
Rebecca: Thanks for the story, Carla. Here's your ten bucks.
Carla: Yeah, the $20 one would have killed him.
Carla: So wait a minute. Wait a minute. Why do they call you "Backseat Becky"?
Rebecca: That will cost you a hundred.
Carla: Hey, you know, you're kind of a pig. Maybe we can be friends.

Quote from Esther Clavin

Esther Clavin: Oh, I'd forgotten this one. This has got to be the handsomest picture of you I ever laid eyes on.
Cliff: Which? Oh, Ma, come on. My ears are even covered with acne.
Esther Clavin: I'm your mother, Clifford. I'm looking at your soul.
Cliff: Ah, there's me sliding down the old banister.
Esther Clavin: I always thought you spent entirely too much time doing that.
Cliff: Eh. Eh, it was fun.

Quote from Cliff

Cliff: Well, uh, interestingly enough, Yorkshire pudding was invented in the 1700s during a beef shortage.

Quote from Cliff

Cliff: Ah, Ma, but after all we've been through together. Just last night you were saying how much the house meant to you.
Esther Clavin: Last night I was poor. Tonight I'm not. I never thought I'd have the chance, but now I can go to Florida.
Cliff: Florida? Oh, for crying out loud. Who'd ever want to live in that stinkhole?

Quote from Carla

Norm: Let's just concentrate on the, uh, left side, okay?
Carla: Yeah.
Norm: We have a boy. No, no, wait, wait. It's a girl. It's a boy again. This is weird. All right, maybe it's a girl. I... I...
Cliff: Still trying to figure out what Carla is, huh?
Carla: No, Cliff, we're trying to find out what sex my babies are. See, if the ring goes back and forth, it's a boy. If it goes around in a circle, it's a girl. And if it just dangles there doing nothing, it's a Clavin.

Quote from Woody

Woody: I can tell you something we used to, uh, do on the farm. We'd take a fresh laid chicken egg and we'd put on a spoon and hold it over the woman's stomach. If it dipped down, it was female, if not, male.
Norm: So how often did you predict the sex of the babies?
Woody: Never. This was to predict the sex of the chicken. All right, you take a spoon, right?

Quote from Cliff

Esther Clavin: Clifford, I'm doing this as much for you as I am for myself. You're 39 years old. It's time to cut the cord.
Cliff: Ma, I am not leaving that house!
Esther Clavin: Clifford.
Cliff: I am not leaving that house!
Esther Clavin: Well, I'm afraid you're going to have to.
Cliff: Oh! Oh, yeah, fine. Go off by yourself. See how you like it. After a week of cooking your own meals, doing your own dishes, washing your own hair, you'll be back.

Quote from Cliff

Jim McNulty: You know, I'll never understand people like you. You got no conscience, no sense of community, no interest in keeping our neighborhood beautiful.
Cliff: If you, uh, want to beautify the neighborhood, why don't you stay indoors?
Jim McNulty: Yeah, at least I don't live with my mother.
Cliff: I don't blame you; I've seen your mother.
Jim McNulty: Yeah, my mother's a saint.
Cliff: Yeah, Saint Bernard.
Jim McNulty: Oh, yeah? [Cliff runs away as Jim comes towards him] Forget it.
Cliff: [returns as Jim leaves] Ah, I'm outta luck. Somebody's already using the pool table.

Quote from Rebecca

Rebecca: How's business today?
Sam: Oh, pretty slow. Me and the guys just sitting around talking about where everybody went to college.
Rebecca: You were?
Sam: Well, I was wondering what it would be like to go to college.
Rebecca: Well, picture a place with 20,000 people all acting the way you do.
Sam: Sounds like fun.

Quote from Norm

Sam: Listen, uh, where did you go to college?
Rebecca: The University of Connecticut. [all laughing] Am I missing something here?
Norm: No, no, no, no, not at all. We, uh, we're just, uh, such big fans of their football team, you know, the fighting... insurance salesmen.

Quote from Esther Clavin

Esther Clavin: So how was your day?
Cliff: Ah, okay, Ma. Oh, our neighbor, Nut Butt McNulty stopped in Cheers today. He was, uh, circulating some kind of petition.
Esther Clavin: The one to stop development?
Cliff: Yeah.
Esther Clavin: I signed it. [plates clatter]
Cliff: You did?
Esther Clavin: Well, who in his right mind wouldn't? Besides you, of course.

Quote from Esther Clavin

Cliff: [spluttering] Ma, we- we- we're for progress here.
Esther Clavin: Clifford, if we don't stop these people, we could lose our home.
Cliff: Well, it's probably about time we got out of this rattrap anyway.
Esther Clavin: Clifford. This "rattrap" is where you, for want of a better term, grew up. I think it's time somebody looked at the scrapbook.
Cliff: Aw, come on, Ma. Not the scrapbook.
Esther Clavin: Yes, Clifford, the scrapbook. Misty watercolor memories of the way we were.

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