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Quote from Michael in Motherboy XXX

Michael: Um, it's not about school, pal. It's more about family. Your Uncle Buster's been very depressed lately, and you haven't visited him. Family first. Or did they not teach you that at the Promise Land?
George Michael: I don't know. You won't let me go.
Michael: Attaboy.


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Quote from Buster

Michael: Where do we go next?
Buster: I will tell you this, Michael. If Mother saw those two, she is going to change clothes. And that means he'll be on the balcony. Whenever she changed clothes, she made me wait on the balcony until zip-up. And yet, anything goes at bath time.

Quote from Maeby

Michael: George Michael, I don't think you should be going on this Promise Land thing.
George Michael: What? Why? Because I'd miss school?
Michael: No.
Maeby: You get to miss school for that?
Narrator: And that's when Maeby decided to become a devout Christian.
Maeby: Do you guys know where I could get one of those gold necklaces with the "T" on it?
Michael: That's a cross.
Maeby: Across from where?

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Quote from Check Mates

George Michael: Well, maybe we're gonna end up together in the banana stand someday.
Michael: Mm. Well, there's always money in the banana stand.
George Michael: Right.
Michael: Where is that from? Is that from something?

Quote from Emotional Baggage

Michael: It never made sense, because, you know, he doesn't fit in with those people, and I think that George Michael and I are gonna be closer than ever. He's gonna need a father... still needs a father. The only mother figure he's ever had in his life was...
Gob: Oh, it was Mom.
Michael: Yeah. Yeah, I guess so. Huh, poor kid.
Gob: I can't imagine.
Michael: Nor can I.
Gob: Wait, we had Mom.
Michael: You know, in a way, she was our mom.