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Arrested Development: Missing Kitty

118. Missing Kitty

Aired March 28, 2004

Michael ignores his father's instructions and fires Kitty, the assistant who has inside knowledge of The Bluth company.

Quote from Lindsay

Lindsay: [to Michael] She usually sends checks for Maeby's birthday.
Maeby: There's been cash coming in? Have you been holding out on me?
Lindsay: No. No, I've been investing it. Let's face it. I'm better with money than you are.
Maeby: Better at spending it.
Lindsay: Okay, I tell you what. I'll take you down to see Nana if you split the money with me 60/40.
Maeby: 55/55.
Lindsay: Deal.
Michael: Sounds like you guys are getting more than you think.
Lindsay: We should go now before your dad gets back. No need going halfsies with him too.


Quote from Tobias

Warden Stefan Gentles: But didn't you come here to research the nature of fear? I can't think of a better teacher than White Power Bill. He's like a master's course unto himself.
Tobias: So you think I'm a coward.
Warden Stefan Gentles: There's only one man I've ever called "coward". That's Brian Doyle-Murray. No. What I'm calling you is a television actor.
Tobias: Ouch.

Quote from Lucille

Lindsay: Where's Nana?
Lucille: I sent her on a wonderful cruise. You just missed a wonderful call from her. She just came back from a wonderful costume party that the captain threw. She gained 10 pounds there's so much food on that boat. She's up to 74! It's wonderful, just wonderful.
Narrator: In fact, Lucille's mother had been dead for six months.
Lucille: She tried pesto for the first time. Can you believe that? Ninety-two years old, and she never tried pesto.
Narrator: Lucille feared that the family would come after the inheritance if they found out.
Lindsay: Was she on the phone, Annyong?
Annyong: Annyong.
Lucille: Emery board. Isn't he great? And he goes with everything.

Quote from George Michael

Maeby: So, how do you think Gob's gonna make this yacht disappear?
George Michael: Well, I'll be working here, so I guess I'll never know.
Maeby: I guess the only real way to find out how it's done is to sneak on the boat while he does it.
George Michael: Yeah, but if he makes it disappear, won't everyone see me standing there?
Maeby: Let's just sit quietly and consider how ridiculous that statement was.

Quote from Tobias

Narrator: George Sr. was forced to visit someone he had once tried to shove out of a moving car.
Tobias: Welcome.
George Sr.: You're Dorothy?
Tobias: I thought the two of us could talk, man-on-man. [George Sr. tries to walk out of the cell] I'm afraid I'm serious. I bought you. Remember to let it steep for five minutes.
George Sr.: Oh, dear God.
Tobias: I've been in this family for 16 years and I don't think we've ever had a conversation.
George Sr.: I'm not gonna discuss this.
Tobias: You hate me.
George Sr.: Yeah, I do hate you. You took my daughter. My precious little girl and moved her away. And now I'm here, and I am afraid I will never get her back.
Tobias: Afraid. You're afraid. Fear has turned into hate. So Frightened Inmate #2 isn't frightened at all. He's angry. He's a crabby old coot and he needs love just like everyone. [hugs George Sr.]
George Sr.: Get your [bleep] hands off of me.
Tobias: Shh. Don't be scared. [sings] Somewhere over the rainbow There's another rainbow

Quote from Lindsay

Narrator: Seeing a window of opportunity, Lucille made a startling announcement.
Lucille: Nana was on that yacht!
Michael: What?
Lucille: You killed Nana!
Lindsay: She's lying! Nana wasn't on that yacht. She's fine. She's been dead for six months.

Quote from Michael

Michael: She's been out for two weeks with this chest thing but she's had no problems cashing the checks I've been sending her.
Lindsay: Speaking of which, have we gotten anything from Nana?
Michael: Buster got a perforated heart and Gob got that receding hairline but you and I pretty much dodged the bullet.

Quote from Gob

Narrator: George Michael was off from school for two weeks and was enjoying spending time with his uncle.
Gob: I'm intercepting some telepathic energy that's telling me... it's the eight of diamonds.
George Michael: That's amazingly close.
Gob: Gee, I got it wrong. Well, I guess you won the shirt off my back.
[Gob removes his shirt to show Q printed on one nipple and a diamond shape around the other.]
George Michael: Okay, that's amazing.
Gob: It's the queen of diamonds.
George Michael: No, no, no. I had- But if that had been the actual card, I'm pretty sure I'd be... almost too blown away.
Gob: You know, it's a new trick, so I'm still kind of tweaking my nipples-
George Michael: The presentation was great.

Quote from Gob

George Michael: Wow. He's amazing.
Michael: Well, he hasn't done it, and you're holding a four of spades in your hand.
George Michael: I don't care. I'm loving the ride, you know? How are you gonna do it?
Gob: Well, you've got two weeks off. You're about to find out. Maybe we'll meet a couple young coeds along the way. How young is too young for you?
Michael: That's not gonna happen, okay? There's not gonna be any coeds. There certainly isn't gonna be any magic. It is a path to a lonely life where people mock you and you don't even realize it.
Gob: Michael, I'm a magi- Oh, I see what you did.

Quote from Lindsay

Michael: You're not dressed yet? I thought you were working for me today at the office.
Lindsay: You guys stay open during spring break?
Michael: Well, we're not Orthodox. But don't worry about it.

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