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The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part Two

‘The Thing That Wouldn't Die: Part Two’

Season 6, Episode 20 -  Aired May 29, 2001

Dick, Sally, Harry and Tommy prepare to leave Earth after the Big Giant Head cancels their mission.

Quote from Dick

Dick: When we were first here, I used to come to the planetarium whenever I felt homesick.
Mary: Oh. Which one's yours?
Dick: Mine?
Mary: Yeah.
Dick: You see the little bright one down by the horizon? That's home. Nice, huh?
Mary: Yeah. I wish I could see it up close.
Dick: How's Saturday? Around midnight.
Mary: What?


Quote from Tommy

Tommy: Can't wait for this to be over.
Harry: You're not gonna miss Earth even a little bit?
Tommy: You know, a mission starts, a mission ends, friend. I've done this too many times. I don't even unpack anymore. Now, let's just enjoy our little party, shall we?

Quote from Tommy

Tommy: [scoffs] Caterers. Great, great. Where's the spatula? Where's the spatula? Spatula! We always have the spatula right here! Where's the stupid spatula? Where's that Earth spatula?! [crying] I don't... wanna... go! [sobs]
Judith: [enters] Spinach puffs? [Tommy sobs as he hugs Judith] Good party.

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