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Quote from Vicki Dubcek in Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary

Sally: So, you mean to tell me you really didn't know what you were doing the first time?
Vicki Dubcek: Oh, please. I didn't know what I was doing. He didn't know what he was doing. The bus kept making all those stops.
Sally: Yeah, but you figured it out. Obviously.
Vicki Dubcek: Yeah, it was awkward at first. But, you know, once we got that seat to ourselves. It got better.


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Quote from Dick

Dick: So, what has this flagrant display of insensitivity taught you, Mary?
Mary: That you don't have a monopoly on idiotic behavior.
Dick: Exactly.
Mary: So, Dick, can you forgive and forget?
Dick: Oh, I forgive. But I don't forget. And I don't forgive.

Quote from Vicki Dubcek

Dick: Vicki, you remember my true love, Dr. Mary Albright?
Vicki Dubcek: Oh, yes.
Mary: Nice to see you again, Vicki.
Vicki Dubcek: Oh, yes, ma'am, it's nice to see you, too. Doctor. [chuckles] You know, I have this little pain in my lower back-
Mary: Oh, Vicki, I'm not that kind of doctor. I'm a doctor of anthropology.
Vicki Dubcek: What is that? Is that, like, the rear?

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Quote from Sally Forth

Vicki Dubcek: Well, I think we can all learn a lot from what's just happened here. This feud ends now.
Dick: That's easier said than done.
Vicki Dubcek: Mama, you fix their bathroom. Dick, you pay your rent. See?
Dick: Wow. You've been thinking about this a lot.
Vicki Dubcek: You know, I do like to think of myself as the female Golda Meir.

Quote from The Big Giant Head Returns

Vicki Dubcek: So, Dr. Albright, how are things treatin' you at the hospital? I'll bet those HMOs are just makin' you crazy, huh? [chuckles]
Mary: I'm not that kind of doctor, Vicki.
Vicki Dubcek: So, you mean, like, you're, like, a veterinarian, or what?