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Quote from Harry in Near Dick Experience

Don: What are you talking about?
Harry: I'm talking about dreams, people. There is no limit to what you can accomplish in your dreams. No boundaries, no fear. But then what happens? You wake up, and the dream is gone. It's over. Now, what I'm talking about is dreaming the possible dream. Yeah? What is your dream, sir?
Man: I- I always wanted to play the piano.
Harry: Well, who's stopping ya? You are stopping you. The only person standing between you and your dream is you.
Man: I don't have a piano.
Harry: Well, I don't have a piano. Look at me. Hasn't held me back.


 ‘Near Dick Experience’ Quotes

Quote from Sally

Sally: Tommy! Tommy, listen, I've been thinking. I have spent my entire time on this planet being mean to people. All I have been doing is spreading fear.
Dick: That's true.
Sally: Yeah. So, I have decided now I'm just gonna help people, people like these poor, miserable souls. Look.
Tommy: That's the cast of Les Mis.

Quote from Judith

Judith: All right, here's a list of the gear you'll need for the staff retreat on Mount Digney.
Mary: Ooh, this'll be fun.
Nina: Are there gonna be snakes out there?
Judith: If you're asking if my lawyer's coming, the answer is no. [laughs]

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Quote from InDickscretion

Harry: Well, I'm going with ya. Because I, too, have a wanderlust inspired by a different book.
Tommy: You do?
Harry: Indeed. And one day far from here, you and I will point our fingers at that bespectacled man with the sock hat and proudly say, "There's Waldo!"
Tommy: Harry, Waldo's a fictional character.
Harry: Ah, then it will be that much sweeter... when we find him.

Quote from The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2

Dick: Oh, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to feel. Who am I?!
Harry: Well, let me see. Your first name's Dick. Your new last name is Head, so I guess that would make...
Dick: Oh, my God.