Sally Quote #437

Quote from Sally in Near Dick Experience

Sally: Tommy! Tommy, listen, I've been thinking. I have spent my entire time on this planet being mean to people. All I have been doing is spreading fear.
Dick: That's true.
Sally: Yeah. So, I have decided now I'm just gonna help people, people like these poor, miserable souls. Look.
Tommy: That's the cast of Les Mis.


 ‘Near Dick Experience’ Quotes

Quote from Dick

Judith: Dick, we still haven't gotten your release form for the staff retreat.
Dick: Oh, that.
Strudwick: We need an accurate head count to get 10% off on parking. You're holding us back, Dick.
Dick: Why should I go? So the sunset can bore me? So a marmot can lick my oblivious face? So I can be so lost in my ennui that I fall off a cliff and- and- and nearly plummet to my... I'm in!
Strudwick: What are you so damn excited about?
Dick: I'm in! I'm going on that camping trip, and I am going to have a near-death experience if it kills me!

Quote from Nina

Judith: All right. We'll head to the mountain at 8 a.m. sharp. Any questions?
Dick: Uh, yes. As we climb, will you point out any crevasses that I might plummet into?
Nina: I will!

Quote from Judith

Judith: All right, here's a list of the gear you'll need for the staff retreat on Mount Digney.
Mary: Ooh, this'll be fun.
Nina: Are there gonna be snakes out there?
Judith: If you're asking if my lawyer's coming, the answer is no. [laughs]