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Quote from Brick in Valentine's Day IV

Brick: Mother? Why is this in the trash?
Frankie: Oh! Thank God you found it! I have been looking everywhere for that.
Brick: Uh-huh. You are a lousy liar.
Frankie: [sighs] Okay. Here's the thing. You guys bring home a lot of stuff, and that's great, but I can't keep everything, and truthfully, this is not your best work.
Brick: And yet you keep this picture Axl drew of two butts orbing in the earth.
Frankie: [sighs] Are the butrronauts still up there? Look, Brick, I didn't throw everything of yours away. I saved the important stuff.
Brick: Oh. Where is it?
Frankie: Put away in boxes.
Brick: Can I see it? The years have gone by so fast, I'd like to reminisce. [whispers] Reminisce.
Frankie: That's fine. But you know, all the current magazines are saying we should live in the present, so...
Brick: Find it.


 ‘Valentine's Day IV’ Quotes

Quote from Axl

Axl: Look, Sean, it's just a business, all right? These girls are gonna get broken up with anyway. If we didn't do it, somebody else would've. This way, we build a successful company, sell it to the Chinese, buy some recording time, cut a hit album, rock the planet, then start a men's fragrance line.
Sean: Yeah, but at what cost?
Darrin: I agree with Sean. All this money is covered in tears.

Quote from Darrin

Sean: This is it? I thought you said Boss Co. would be in the black by now.
Darrin: Is black the good one or the bad one?
Axl: Look, we really ate it, trying to get that possum out of the garage. Between Darrin's stitches and the rabies shots, we got hosed.
Darrin: I can still see those pink eyes coming at me.
Axl: That's it, dudes. We're broke. And we can't lay anybody off, 'cause we're all bosses.
Darrin: How can we be so powerful and powerless at the same time?

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Quote from Hecks on a Train

Brick: Do we have any details about the cause of Aunt Edie's death?
Mike: Just one. She was 96.
Brick: Interesting. Has anyone questioned Helen Riley? She was the perennial runner-up to Aunt Edie in the church pie contest.

Quote from Mommapalooza

Sue: Okay, so, what do we do? Dad didn't give us enough drywall to fix a hole this big. He's gonna freak out.
Brick: I'm not gonna lie. It's gonna be really rough for you.
Sue: Me? You're the one who did this.
Brick: Well, you're the older sister who left her little brother to do major home repair on his own. Besides, if Dad flips out, I can just play the quirk card. I shrug, I look confused, throw in a few whoops and whispers, lick something if I have to... I'm off scot-free.
Sue: Oh, my God. You're diabolical.
Brick: I am not diabolical. [whispers] Diabolical. [normal voice] It's so easy. [whispers] It's so easy. [normal voice] Okay, that one wasn't planned.