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Season 6, Episode 19 -  Aired February 16, 1991

When Blanche fears that a regular companion of hers has died, she realizes just how much their casual relationship means to her. Meanwhile, Rose auditions for a TV reporter role.

Quote from Rose

Rose: [on tape] The police have just informed me that there was also a robbery by an unidentified man. Perhaps this little fella knows who he is.


Quote from Dorothy

Rose: I did that last part after everything quieted down. I thought it would kinda tie things together.
All: Wow.
Blanche: You didn't cover the robbery at all?
Rose: Was I wrong again? I mean, I could have covered the holdup, but it would have seemed like I was giving in to sensationalism. I'm a reporter, damn it. They sent me to cover a story, and that's what I did.
Sophia: I don't believe this. Rose, this was the opportunity of a lifetime, a one-in-a-million shot. How could-
Dorothy: How could- How could they not have given you the job? Maybe the issue here is one of- Oh, God, what can we call it? Editorial judgment.
Rose: Really? You think so?
Dorothy: Oh, yes, Rose. Yes, I do. I guess it just isn't the story they wanted.
Blanche: Damn, you're good.

Quote from Rose

Rose: Thank you, Dorothy. That makes me feel so much better. To tell you the truth, I'm still not ashamed of what I did today. I mean, if Deborah Norville stopped for every serious news story that happened around her, she wouldn't be where she is today.

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