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Adult Adam: [v.o.] And when she sent us off, that's when my mom's work really began. Yes, I'm calling about my flight to Fort Lauderdale, which might as well have been to hell because that's what my back and upper groin have been in since we landed. What does "TWA" stand for, anyway? "The Worst Airline"? You know what, Wayne? Just connect me to your supervisor. I'm gonna need to speak to your supervisor, Lydia. You know what? I need to talk to your supervisor. Just connect me to your supervisor. Well, maybe your supervisor feels differently. Let me speak to someone higher. Well, maybe your supervisor can help me. You know what? I demand to speak to your supervisor. Oh, you're the CEO? Well, then, I'm gonna need two first-class tickets and a mess of those little pretzel bags.


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Quote from Murray

Barry: So you're telling me you're okay with shoulder padding my resume?
Murray: I would do anything to get you into college.
Barry: Come on.
Murray: I'm serious. This is legitimately the most important thing to me.
Barry: So you're telling me you would spend every cent you have if it would mean getting me into a good college.
Murray: Yes.
Barry: What if you had to wear pants at all times?
Murray: Yes.
Barry: What if the Eagles never, ever won again?
Murray: Yes.
Barry: What if the only way was for Tom Selleck to shave his mustache?
Murray: [shouting] Too far! You hear me? You leave Selleck's mustache out of this!

Quote from Barry

Murray: Okay, that does not help. We really gotta wow 'em with your extra curriculars. All right, let me see your resume.
Barry: Boom!
Murray: All you wrote down was "left-handed" and that you're an Aries? That's not exactly "boom" material.
Barry: That's all I got. And technically, I'm a Pisces, but I don't want to be no stupid fish.

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: I've been saying it since the first time I ran that stop sign, that intersection is an accident waiting to happen, and it's high time Mama fixes the problem! You could've been seriously hurt!
Adam: How? I wasn't even there.
Beverly: But you could've been.
Adam: That's true.
Beverly: And, God forbid, you could've gone through the windshield like a delicious, little sack of potatoes, and, God forbid, a piece of glass could have lodged in your brain!
Adam: Oh, no!
Beverly: Thank God the shard got lodged in a place where you're fine, and they don't need to operate.
Adam: Thank God.
Beverly: But, God forbid, 20 years from now, you could sneeze, and boom! The shard shifts, and you're a veggie.
Adam: But I sneeze all the time!
Beverly: This is a parent's worst nightmare, and it's all because of a stupid stop sign!