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Quote from Beverly in I Coulda Been a Lawyer

Beverly: I've been saying it since the first time I ran that stop sign, that intersection is an accident waiting to happen, and it's high time Mama fixes the problem! You could've been seriously hurt!
Adam: How? I wasn't even there.
Beverly: But you could've been.
Adam: That's true.
Beverly: And, God forbid, you could've gone through the windshield like a delicious, little sack of potatoes, and, God forbid, a piece of glass could have lodged in your brain!
Adam: Oh, no!
Beverly: Thank God the shard got lodged in a place where you're fine, and they don't need to operate.
Adam: Thank God.
Beverly: But, God forbid, 20 years from now, you could sneeze, and boom! The shard shifts, and you're a veggie.
Adam: But I sneeze all the time!
Beverly: This is a parent's worst nightmare, and it's all because of a stupid stop sign!

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