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Quote from Murray in Circle of Driving

Murray: All right, stop your pouting. I got you something, and I think you're gonna like it.
Barry: REO Speedwagon? This is Top 40! You don't know me at all. I'm into rap, the poetry of the streets. Come on!
Murray: No, no, I talked to the guy at Sam Goody. He said it was a hip track.
Barry: Well, did you talk to Sam Goody himself? Huh? Did you? No. You talked to a random jack-off who knows nothing about real music.
Murray: You weren't there, okay? The guy had an earring, he had a hean jacket, covered in buttons. Covered!


 ‘Circle of Driving’ Quotes

Quote from Beverly

Beverly: Look, you need to be grateful, because one day, I won't be here to help dress you.
Adam: You keep sayin' that, but when?

Quote from Pops

Adam: You're like my own personal Obi Wan Kenobi, but instead of the force, you're teaching me how to get freaky.
Pops: Who's Oboe Canoli?

Quote from Barry

Beverly: Sweetie, you're just not ready to drive. You're too immature, and quite honestly, a little high-strung.
Barry: I am not high-strung! I'm strung just fine, like a tennis racket or a banjo.