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Quote from Beverly in You Only Die Once, or Twice, But Never Three Times

Murray: Hey, what's going on?
Beverly: Honestly, I don't know. I thought marriage was supposed to last forever.
Murray: Aw, come on. [Beverly sighs] Erica knows better than that.
Beverly: I'm not worried about Erica. I'm worried about us.
Murray: Us?
Beverly: Mike's lazy, Fran nags. She speaks her mind, he's a pill. Their kids go off to college, and immediately they grow apart. I mean, I know it sounds crazy, but are we that different?
Murray: Bevy, that's ridiculous.
Beverly: Is it? They thought the same thing once, too.


 ‘You Only Die Once, or Twice, But Never Three Times’ Quotes

Quote from Murray

Beverly: You will never guess who I just saw during my power walk/power sit and eat Sbarro at the mall.
Murray: Tip O'Neill?
Beverly: No.
Murray: Mr. Belvedere?
Beverly: TV character.
Murray: Quick Draw McGraw?
Beverly: Cartoon.
Murray: Waldenbooks?
Beverly: That is a store.

Quote from Barry

Adult Adam: [v.o.] And when that didn't work, Joanne had to resort to the final "P"... public humiliation.
Joanne: Whoa! [laughter] Well, this is embarrassing. But also hilarious. Now you can laugh at me and recognize that sometimes things in life are funny.
Barry: I don't see why it's funny to waste all that Hawaiian Punch. Island people worked hard to squeeze tropical sunshine into every drop.

Quote from Adam

Adam: You guys said you'd eat some popcorn if I got the big tub. And now my delicate tummy is upset with all of you.
Brea: We told you not to get it.
Adam: It's only 50 cents more for the rodeo barrel.
Barry: Wait. Adam hasn't praised the movie yet. Why aren't you still clapping and/or demanding to see it again?
Adam: Yeah, it was neat.
Barry: "Neat" is something you say after uncomfortably watching your little brother's performance in The King and I.
Adam: How dare you? One critic said my performance was so inappropriate he couldn't look away.