Sayid Quote #14

Quote from Sayid in Cloud Green

Sayid: Were you also the one who replaced the straws with these paper things?
Jonah: Yes.
Sayid: These have no structural integrity. Why did I even leave Syria?


 ‘Cloud Green’ Quotes

Quote from Amy

Amy: So in honor of Earth Day, we'll be helping save the environment by switching to recycled toilet paper and selling The Day After Tomorrow on Blu-Ray for half off.
Garrett: That should do it.

Quote from Marcus

Jonah: It's not a favor for me. It's a favor for the Earth. For your children. For your grandchildren.
Sandra: Mm, no thanks.
Cheyenne: I don't know.
Marcus: I can't even have kids. I fell off a four-wheeler when I was nine. Burst my ball sack clean open.
Jonah: Okay, well, I'll just leave the sign-up sheet at customer service in case you change your mind.
Marcus: I can still have orgasms though! [chuckles] They just hurt really bad.

Quote from Sandra

Dina: I'm a vegan so it's basically like driving four Priuses.
Sandra: I play a game at home where I try to use less water each week. Now I only flush my toilet when it's full.
Amy: Okay, uh, that- That was a good discussion.