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Quote from Mateo in Managers' Conference

Mateo: Cheyenne, I can't believe you didn't tell me you were pregnant.
Glenn: Cheyenne, you're pregnant?
Dina: Obviously she is. Look at her boobs.
Garrett: Whoa!
Cheyenne: I'm not pregnant.
Mateo: But Sayid said... [scoffs] That guy's always making up stuff about people.
Glenn: Huh?
Mateo: I mean, it's it's not his fault. Uh, it's a cultural thing. You know, lying is a big part of Syrian culture.
Dina: I've never heard that, and I've slept with a ton of Syrian dudes.
Cheyenne: Wait, is that where the phrase, "lying like a Syrian" comes from, Mateo?
Mateo: Oh, you know, now that you mention it, that makes sense. Yes, Cheyenne.
Garrett: Wow, what a completely natural conversation, Cheyenne and Mateo.


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Quote from Sayid

Sayid: I was fleeing the civil war in Syria.
Cheyenne: Whoa, what was Syria like?
Sayid: Not good. Seriously, not good.
Glenn: Yeah, there's all sorts of, like, rampant destruction and beheadings and locusts, right?
Sayid: Yes, though the locusts had nothing to do with the war. They're a seasonal nuisance.
Dina: Hey, what are your thoughts on the movie, Syriana?
Sayid: I thought George Clooney was pretty okay, and Matt Damon was just okay.

Quote from Glenn

Cheyenne: Well, I've heard that E-Verify is full of bugs. Just lots and lots of bugs.
Glenn: They're not bugs, Cheyenne. They're human beings.

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Quote from Magazine Profile

Mateo: Why would anybody be attracted to Jonah? He looks like a villain on the CW.

Quote from Ground Rules

Mateo: Another floor supervisor tip: We direct. Don't use words like "maybe" or "I think" with these peons.
Cheyenne: Okay.
Mateo: Before you speak, think, "How would an evil queen decree this?"
Cheyenne: Ooh, yeah.
Mateo: And just a couple other things I thought of.
Cheyenne: Oh.
Mateo: No more campfire games with employees and no sparkly makeup. Oh, and don't put unicorn stickers on your clipboard. They're unprofessional.
Cheyenne: Uh, okay.
Mateo: But otherwise, you are killing it, girl.
Cheyenne: Thanks.
Mateo: Oh, you should probably change your shoes. I mean, they're fun but, it looks like you skinned a Care Bear.