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Quote from Jonah in Spring Cleaning

Glenn: No, nobody else is going. Jonah won, so Jonah's coming with me.
Jonah: No, Glenn, I did... I didn't win. I... somebody else should...
Glenn: No, you won.
Jonah: No, I didn't win... I clearly...
Glenn: Fair and square.
Jonah: But I can't do it, Glenn.
Glenn: No, you... I'm sure you can move stuff around.
Jonah: I'm completely booked up, and then I can't. I can't go.
Glenn: Winners go, losers don't go.
Jonah: Glenn, I don't wanna hang out with you.


 ‘Spring Cleaning’ Quotes

Quote from Glenn

Waiter: Dessert?
Glenn: Uh, do you have a Mexican version of a churro?
Waiter: Um, I think we can put something together for you.

Quote from Amy

Garrett: Well, this has escalated.
Amy: I-I just feel like there's gotta be something that tells us who she is, like a stack of mail with an address on it, or... or... or... or like a... a car with a license plate, and we can run the plate.
Garrett: Okay, explain to me the process by which we would run a plate.
Amy: We would call someone on the force.
Garrett: The force?
Amy: Yes, that is what people call it.

Quote from Glenn

Glenn: Um... I'll have a hot dog.
Waiter: Sorry, we don't have hot dogs.
Glenn: Cheeseburger then.
Waiter: We only really serve Mexican food.
Glenn: One Mexican cheeseburger.
Jonah: We'll have two beef quesadillas, please.
Waiter: You got it.
Glenn: Quesadilla?
Jonah: Mm-hmm.
Glenn: Quesadilla.