Myrtle Quote #4

Quote from Myrtle in Seasonal Help

Jonah: Who else?
Myrtle: I got $20 on the old bitch.
Jonah: I got her listed as "Old Lady," but I got you, Myrtle.


 ‘Seasonal Help’ Quotes

Quote from Dina

Jonah: Yeah, I... I shouldn't gamble. I used to get a little carried away.
Garrett: [British accent] Oh, I'm Jonah. I'm too proper to gamble. Where's me monocle?
Dina: Mm-kay. [Russian accent] Oh, Hi, I'm Jonah. I eat macadamia nuts out of jar inside of other jar. [normal voice] Right?
Garrett: No, what? No, not "right." What was that?
Jonah: Okay, all right, I'll take the... the one with the dermatological...
Garrett: Rashface?
Jonah: Rashface. I'll take one buck on Rashface.
Dina: [Russian accent] Da! One ruble from fur hat for glory of Soviet Union!
Garrett: What are you doing? He's not Russian.
Dina: Yeah, well, he's not British either.

Quote from Jonah

Jonah: 20 bucks on Isaac the Ginger Giant.
Garrett: Man, this is intense. I didn't even know we sold dry erase boards this big.
Jonah: Bought it at a different store. Who's next?
Cheyenne: So we just pick one?
Jonah: It's a pari-mutuel betting pool with live odds, no rake, and I'm open to exotic bets, okay? You know, exactas, trifectas, quadrellas, or "quaddies."
Garrett: Or we could all just pick one.
Cheyenne: Pick one, nice.
Jonah: Fine, so whoever's temp quits first takes the pot? Okay, cool. I mean, I... I worked out all the odds, I guess, for nothing. But I had fun doing it, so good times. Who's next?

 Myrtle Quotes

Quote from Valentine's Day

Amy: Hi, Myrtle. Look, I just... I want to say I'm sorry. I was totally out of line.
Myrtle: He was saying such filth, how much he liked my sweater.
Amy: Oh, well, is that really that bad?
Myrtle: He meant he liked what's under my sweater.
Amy: Okay, maybe, but maybe... I don't know... it is possible that you misunderstood what he said or...
Myrtle: Oh, blame the victim. She's blaming the victim!

Quote from Scanners

Myrtle: This is just the beginning. What kind of job will be left for me 30 years from now? [overlapping chatter]
Garrett: Powerlifter? Zumba instructor?