Kelly Quote #63

Quote from Kelly in The Trough

Jonah: Just so you know, I had no part in this. Everybody thinks I'm still hung up on Amy.
Kelly: Oh, no, thank you.
Jonah: What?
Kelly: I'm done getting tangled in the crazy of you people. So I'm keeping my head down and getting through this shift because I am saving for a Roomba.
Jonah: That's fair, but you should know...
Kelly: Oh, no, no. No, thank you.


 ‘The Trough’ Quotes

Quote from Carol

Carol: Today was fun. Sometimes I feel like people think I'm a weirdo, but you made me feel really cool today.
Cheyenne: Aw, can I be real with you a sec? Dina assigned me to hang out with you today to, like, write down any bad or crazy things you did. She said Corporate wanted it.
Carol: My lawyer warned me this might happen.
Cheyenne: But don't worry, I'm not gonna give them anything because, bottom of my heart, you are, like, high-key fire.
Carol: Oh, well, thanks. And I know you won't give them anything because I recorded your little confession. How you stole that makeup? So you screw with me, you get fired.
Cheyenne: Carol, that is so savage. I love you so much right now.
Carol: I know you do. Bye, bitch.
Cheyenne: Goodbye, bitch.

Quote from Marcus

Marcus: Hey. So, uh, heard you're moving out.
Jonah: Yeah, yeah. I'm sorry, Marcus. I-I wanted to tell you.
Marcus: I just want you to know I'm not coming with you.
Jonah: Yeah, no, yeah, I thought that was to be assumed.
Marcus: I just don't think you're ready to have a roommate right now, and I deserve one who will shout it from the rooftops.
Jonah: You know what? You do, Marcus. You were never late on rent, you always filled up the Brita. You were a great roommate.
Marcus: Wow. That didn't suck to hear. Um, hey, we should come up with a new secret.
Jonah: Oh, I don't think we need to...
Marcus: Tonight, you and me, the quarry. We'll definitely see something messed up, and if it ever gets brought up, deny, deny, deny.
Jonah: Yeah, man. Let's do it.
Marcus: Do what? [clicks tongue]

Quote from Carol

Carol: So it's come to this. Everyone else refused to work with me so I guess the floor supervisor has to do it.
Cheyenne: Uh, yeah, that.
Carol: Okay, top shelf. Whoops. Almost forgot my safety belt.
Cheyenne: Hmm, right. Would've sucked if you forgot.
Carol: Ugh, you know, they don't pay us enough to deal with this crap. Well, me. I guess you're making more now.
Cheyenne: Nah, I actually haven't gotten my pay raise yet. Dina said something about my paperwork still processing. I guess it has something to do with the economy being so bad or good or whatever.
Carol: No, friend, you're getting screwed. This is classic Corporate. We do all the work and they're the ones getting rich up in their fancy Zephra campus with their free sushi and daycare and covered parking.
Cheyenne: [scoffs] What? They get free daycare? Sometimes I have to leave Harmonica zipped up in our trampoline with snacks.
Carol: That's why I'm suing. I'm tired of waiting for their crumbs to hit the floor. I am taking a seat at the table, and I'm gonna lick everybody's bread.
Cheyenne: That is so gross and cool.
Carol: Thanks. You know, I'm gonna win this lawsuit for all of us, and if I lose, I'll burn down that Zephra daycare for you.
Cheyenne: Oh, my God. All I can say is wow, and, um, please don't do that.