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Pawnee Zoo

‘Pawnee Zoo’

Season 2, Episode 1 -  Aired September 17, 2009

Leslie finds herself in a political debate after a cute stunt at the zoo. Meanwhile, Andy returns and wants to get back together with Ann.

Quote from Andy

Andy: You look great. You look amazing.
Ann: Thanks. You look fancy.
Andy: Oh, yeah, the monkey suit. Cost 3,000 bucks, but totally worth it. I sold out! I got a boring office job in town, so... I gotta dress up, you know, the grind. But I'm really happy, and I really feel like I've matured [matt-ur-ed] a lot.
Ann: Good! That's... I'm happy for you.
Andy: Yeah. So listen, I was sitting in the cubicle the other day, just doing some thinking, and some growing... And some maturing [matt-ur-ing].
Andy: Yes! Maturing [matt-ur-ing]. And darn it if I don't just miss you, and...
Ann: Andy.
Andy: Well, A-Cakes, just let me... I love you, and I'm just really sorry for the way that I treated you. I was the worst boyfriend ever, I know that, and I really think it would "behoove" us to give it another shot.
Ann: Yeah, look. I'm really happy for you about your job and that you've learned some new words, but I'm sure about my decision.


Quote from Leslie Knope

["Pawnee Today, with Joan Callamezzo" clip:]
Male Caller: Yeah, if you let penguins get married, where does it end? I mean, would you let me marry my guinea pig? Because I really do want to marry my guinea pig. I'll take my answer off the air.
Marcia Langman: I think that's a valuable point.
Leslie Knope: You know, attendance is up 30% at the zoo, by the way. You're welcome. That penguin wedding was cute, damn it. And I'm not gonna annul it.
Marcia Langman: I'd ask you to reconsider.
Leslie Knope: Well, I'd ask you to stop asking me, because it's not gonna happen, Marcia.
Marcia Langman: Is that right?
Leslie Knope: Last time I checked, I don't think I murdered anyone, or had an affair, or did drugs! But I apologize. I apologize for having fun, and for making something cute!
Joan Callamezzo: Where are you from originally?
Leslie Knope: Oh, no! What did I do?
Marcia Langman: So, you will not be annulling the marriage?
Leslie Knope: No. I will not be annulling. No.

Quote from Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope: Look at them. They're just in their own little penguin love bubble. I guess that's what it's like when you meet your mate and know you're gonna be together forever.

Quote from Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope: I think you should go on that date with Mark.
Ann: Oh, Leslie...
Leslie Knope: Really, seriously. I thought about it, and, look, he might not be my gay penguin, but he could be yours.
Ann: Look, I told you I'm not going on a date with him.
Leslie Knope: Okay, fine. If you don't want to go out with him, don't go out with him. But don't not do it because of me, because I'm really fine with it. All that's important to me is that we're still friends.
Ann: Me, too!
Leslie Knope: Good! Great. Plus, I already called him and told him that you were dying to go out with him, so have fun.
Ann: Huh?

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