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Quote from Schmidt in Single and Sufficient

Schmidt: Is that my whiteboard?
Nick: You said I could have it.
Schmidt: Well, we both know that's not true, but if it helps you get more of this story out, then, yes, you are welcome to it.
Nick: Well, all right, Schmidt, hit me; I want your notes.
Schmidt: [knocks over whiteboard] No notes!
Nick: No notes?
Schmidt: No notes.
Nick: No notes?!
Schmidt: No notes.
Nick: No notes!
Schmidt: No notes.
Nick: No notes!
Schmidt: No notes. It's perfect, Nick. I want another chapter by the time I get back on Sunday.
Nick: Then I guess it's time for me to get to work.
Schmidt: My little wobbly-nosed Michael Chabon.


 ‘Single and Sufficient’ Quotes

Quote from Jess

Robby: Oh, man. It's a really cool group, and we have our own motto.
Robby & Jess: "I'm single and I'm sufficient."
Schmidt: That's I-S-I-S. That's ISIS.
Cece: Th-that's ISIS.
Robby: Oh, my God.
Cece: You're asking people to join ISIS.
Robby: No, n-n-n-n-n-n-no.
Jess: As communication czar I should have caught that.

Quote from Robby

Jess: Actually, I'm gonna go with my group. We rented a van. It has a built-in microwave. We're all really stoked about it.
Schmidt: You're not making me feel any better about this group of strangers.
Jess: Well, it's not all strangers.
Robby: [enters] Some of them are friends! [laughing]
Cece: Robby?
Schmidt: My Robby?
Robby: Yeah. I got here way too early, so I've just been standing outside, kind of waiting for my opportunity to enter. How'd I do?

Quote from Nick

Nick: What happened to you?
Schmidt: The Pepperwood Chronicles, that's what happened to me.
Nick: So it's really that bad.
Schmidt: Nick. This book... is magnificent.
Nick: What?
Schmidt: Julius Pepperwood? A hard-boiled Chicago cop turned New Orleans detective, racing around on fan-boats, drowning that two-faced DA in a bucket of jambalaya.
Nick: Yeah. Right in the jambalaya.
Schmidt: Finding John F. Kennedy... alive?
Nick: That wasn't too far?
Schmidt: It's a masterpiece, Nick.