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Quote from Nick in Glue

Nick: So you want me to read in front of people. You want me to read in front of living people... [voice squeaking] ...who are there to hear me read. And how will I... how will I even know what to read?
Reagan: You're gonna read your book.
Nick: I'll read my book. Fine. This is good. I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'm fine. Oh, I feel like my heart
is pumping out scalding hot toilet water.
Reagan: See, a vivid description like that is gonna make the audience go wild.
Nick: Ah, the audience! I just forgot the audience, and now I remember the audience. I can't do this. I can't do it. I can't do it.


 ‘Glue’ Quotes

Quote from Reagan

Reagan: I am never gonna figure him out. I feel like I found a forest baby, and I don't know when it's hungry or in pain or afraid of the kitchen light.
Jess: I know. [chuckles] Nick is just an enigma wrapped up in a bunch of Chicago Bears crap. You need the help of a seasoned vet.

Quote from Cece

Schmidt: So many marital problems we have. My baby's got a real sweet tooth. Just the other day, she ate an entire sleeve of pecan sandies and punched the top right off of a parking meter. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. [Cece clears her throat] She yells at me constantly and... There's one time where she tipped over a table.
Cece: He gambled away another paycheck.
Aly: Oh, no!
Schmidt: It's the ponies. I'm addicted.
Aly: Right, right, right.
Cece: It's true. All the money that he wins on gambling, he puts up his nose.
Schmidt: Oh.
Aly: It's cocaine now, as well.
Schmidt: Love me the ca-caine. Feel invisible when I do it.
Aly: This feels like some sort of weird foreplay. I'm out of here.

Quote from Winston

Cece: Little Winnie is growing up. First he's a husband and then maybe one day he could be a father...
Winston: One day? [chuckles] I am a father.
Schmidt: It's a cat, Winston.
Winston: He's my blood.