Cece Quote #228

Quote from Cece in Glue

Schmidt: So many marital problems we have. My baby's got a real sweet tooth. Just the other day, she ate an entire sleeve of pecan sandies and punched the top right off of a parking meter. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen. [Cece clears her throat] She yells at me constantly and... There's one time where she tipped over a table.
Cece: He gambled away another paycheck.
Aly: Oh, no!
Schmidt: It's the ponies. I'm addicted.
Aly: Right, right, right.
Cece: It's true. All the money that he wins on gambling, he puts up his nose.
Schmidt: Oh.
Aly: It's cocaine now, as well.
Schmidt: Love me the ca-caine. Feel invisible when I do it.
Aly: This feels like some sort of weird foreplay. I'm out of here.


 ‘Glue’ Quotes

Quote from Reagan

Reagan: I am never gonna figure him out. I feel like I found a forest baby, and I don't know when it's hungry or in pain or afraid of the kitchen light.
Jess: I know. [chuckles] Nick is just an enigma wrapped up in a bunch of Chicago Bears crap. You need the help of a seasoned vet.

Quote from Winston

Cece: Little Winnie is growing up. First he's a husband and then maybe one day he could be a father...
Winston: One day? [chuckles] I am a father.
Schmidt: It's a cat, Winston.
Winston: He's my blood.

Quote from Jess

Jess: Well, this is the last of Robby's stuff.
Reagan: How you doing with the breakup?
Jess: Really well, since we're related, and all the laws of nature say we should not be together. If you guys need me today, I'll be in my room rearranging my furniture so it no longer resembles a place where I made out with my cousin. [all groaning] Third cousin.
Schmidt: Still. Ew.
Cece: Ugh, barely better.
Reagan: Don't normalize it, Jess.
Jess: You're right, you're right.