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Mr. Monk's Other Brother

‘Mr. Monk's Other Brother’

Season 7, Episode 10 -  Aired January 9, 2009

When Monk finds an intruder in his house, he is surprised to learn it is his half-brother, Jack Monk, Jr (guest star Steve Zahn). He is even more shocked to realize that Jack just escaped from prison and is accused of killing a social worker.

Quote from Adrian Monk

Captain Stottlemeyer: Good deal, thank you. That was the D.A. He says that Reese is awake and pouring his heart out. We got him on Lindsey Bishop and Shiv Logan.
Natalie: What about Jack?
Captain Stottlemeyer: Well, he did escape, so they're gonna add a little time to his sentence.
Lieutenant Disher: He wanted to say goodbye. Figured he was family, right?
Adrian Monk: Yeah. He's... He's family.
Captain Stottlemeyer: It was almost worth it hearing you say that. Hey, Bayside Correctional is only like an hour away. Maybe you could come out sometime.
Adrian Monk: Yeah, I could do that. Maybe one day.

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