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Alone Time

‘Alone Time’

Season 8, Episode 21 -  Aired May 10, 2017

Mitchell decides he needs a little break from his family, so he tells Cameron that he's heading to a hotel in the desert. After Jay gets wind of Mitchell's idea, he makes the same plan. Back home, Cameron struggles to spend the evening alone, so he checks in on Gloria and Manny. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire wonder if they'll ever have the empty-nest lifestyle they've been waiting for.

Quote from Jay

Jay: The light turns red when you put something on it, green when the hook is free. I call it a Smart Hook.
Mitchell: So smart.
Jay: I got the idea when I was in a parking garage.


Quote from Claire

Claire: Where are we going?
Phil: Let's let the universe decide. [opens fortune cookie] "Family is a gift you receive every day."
Claire: So they're making sarcastic ones now?

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