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Alone Time

‘Alone Time’

Season 8, Episode 21 -  Aired May 10, 2017

Mitchell decides he needs a little break from his family, so he tells Cameron that he's heading to a hotel in the desert. After Jay gets wind of Mitchell's idea, he makes the same plan. Back home, Cameron struggles to spend the evening alone, so he checks in on Gloria and Manny. Meanwhile, Phil and Claire wonder if they'll ever have the empty-nest lifestyle they've been waiting for.

Quote from Manny

Manny: As you can see, I've got a lot of work to do, so...
Sierra: Yeah, we only have another half-hour. I promised my dad I'd get an oil change.
Cameron: Oh, well, Manny can do that.
Sierra: Really?
Cameron: Yeah! Pull your car into the garage. Just be careful not to hit his weight set or his power tools.
Sierra: Wow. That would be awesome.
Manny: Cam, I know you're trying to help, but stop. I'm clueless about cars, and I really don't want her hitting Mom's weight set.


Quote from Claire

Phil: Haley crying about Dylan, Alex freaking out about school, this is like a big déjà vu.
Claire: No, déjà vu is when you imagine that you've seen something before. This is just vu!
Luke: In hindsight, I should have pulled my head out before I nailed the post back in.
Phil: Buddy.
Luke: Live and learn.
Claire: If only you ever did.

Quote from Haley

Haley: Why would Dylan change his phone number? Do you know how long it took him to memorize the last one?!

Quote from Jay

Mitchell: Oh, my God.
Jay: Knock it off!
Mitchell: Mind your own business!
Jay: I would love to. But now I'm wondering if all that gasping is about something I've already read or something coming up!
Mitchell: I'm on page 325.
Jay: Don't tell me that! Now I know there's a gasp coming in 20 pages.

Quote from Jay

Waiter: Sorry, the Merryvale Ca... uh, doesn't come by the glass. It-it seems like you two know each other. You could split the fish and steak and share the bottle of wine.
Mitchell: Not doing that.
Jay: Never said we were.
Mitchell: This is actually my dad. I came here for some alone time, but he copycatted me.
Jay: He said he wasn't coming because his scary partner said he couldn't.
Mitchell: Scary husband!
Jay: Still hits my ear wrong.

Quote from Mitchell

Waiter: Wow. So, you're not even gonna... I-I'm sorry. Uh, just, my dad passed away when I was 10, and I'd love to have dinner with him again.
Mitchell: Oh, Austin. That's so sad.
Jay: Terrible story. Makes you think. Anyway, I'll have a glass of any of the reds.
Mitchell: White for me. Thank you.

Quote from Gloria

Gloria: That was so nice, Cam.
Cameron: Oh, thanks. You look better. And your fever's gone.
Gloria: I don't know what you put in my abuela's potion, but it took care of the fever faster than ever. Look! It even made my teeth whiter, huh?
Cameron: Oh! Wow. Look at that. Here I was beating myself up because I couldn't be alone, and... one could argue that everybody in this house is a little better off because of it.
Gloria: Well, I lost a dress and the house smells like smoke, so I wouldn't be high-fiving myself that much.

Quote from Jay

Jay: Nobody keeps me on edge for 500 pages then decides they're just done writing. Either end the damn story or don't even write it!
Mitchell: Yes, exactly. God, for a minute, I thought I missed something.
Jay: You did. The chance to read a great book on your one night alone.
Mitchell: Well, at least the steak was good, right? Nice cut. Perfectly cooked. Terrific wine.
Jay: [laughs]
Mitchell: What? What's... what's funny?
Jay: You. The steak, the book... Hell, this whole trip. You're turning into me!

Quote from Mitchell

Mitchell: No, no, no. Dad. No, no. Hey. You're turning into me.
Jay: How?
Mitchell: The fact that you stayed with that book at all, which is basically a love story between two men.
Jay: It's a buddy thing!
Mitchell: Oh, please! Buddies don't find that many opportunities to skinny-dip together. Every time they saw a body of water, it was off with the pants, splash!
Jay: Come on. You're just making it worse.
Mitchell: Oh, my God! Your hands! That's what your spa appointment was. You got a manicure.
Jay: It's because Gloria said that my hands were too rough. It was her idea.
Mitchell: Considerate, that's me.
Jay: Running from your family, that's me.

Quote from Mitchell

Jay: Ah, I guess it's possible that we both moved... to the center a little.
Mitchell: Yeah, well, it makes sense. It definitely makes things easier between us.
Jay: A little less distance.
Mitchell: Yeah.
Jay: Yeah.

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