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‘Tool Time After Dark (Part 1)’ Quotes

Home Improvement: Tool Time After Dark (Part 1)

422. Tool Time After Dark (Part 1)

Aired April 11, 1995

After overindulging in Polish food at dinner, Tim is up all night and watches highlights from Tool Time. [CLIP SHOW]

Quote from Tim

Randy: All right! I love Polish food.
Tim: I went down to Hamtramick Stan's.
Jill: You were supposed to get pizza.
Tim: Anybody can get pizza.
Jill: You didn't.
Tim: That's 'cause on the way to get the pizza, I heard the call for kielbasa.


Quote from Jill

Jill: You know, the last time you ate Polish food, you were up half the night.
Randy: And in the bathroom the other half.
Tim: That's because I made a pig of myself. This time I didn't order so much. These things look great. Oh, these are great. Brad, you've gotta try the duck blood soup.
Brad: It's all right, Dad. For lunch I had a chicken gut sandwich.
Jill: Well, I hope you're just not gonna stuff yourself again.
Tim: Once you get started on golabkis, it's hard to put the brakes on.
Jill: It's not the brakes I'm worried about, it's your full tank of gas.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Oh! You awake?
Jill: No.
Tim: I think all those golabkis I ate turned into one big golabki. Ih. It's wedged between my head and my heinie, honey.
Jill: Go to sleep.
Tim: I can't. Do we have any of those little minty, chalky, chewy stomach thingies?
Jill: There's the liquid stuff downstairs.
Tim: Oh, would you go get it for me?
Jill: I didn't overeat. Why should I have to get up in the middle of the night?
Tim: 'Cause in a second you'll want to be getting out of this bed anyway. Oh.

Quote from Jill

Tim: Hey, what are you doing up, honey?
Jill: Ever since you woke me, I couldn't get back to sleep.
Tim: Oh, sorry. What happened to your hair? It looks horrible.
Jill: Well, excuse me. I didn't know I had to dress for your upset stomach.
Tim: Well, I won't look at you that much.
Jill: Thank you.
Tim: I was starting to feast myself on old Tool Times. Speaking of feast, are there any golabkis left?
Jill: If you even think about a golabki, I'm gonna file for a divorceki.
Tim: I wouldn't worry about other guys looking at you with your hair like that. Will you watch some of these Tool Times with me?
Jill: Well, I can't get back to sleep any other way.

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