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‘Tool Time After Dark (Part 2)’ Quotes

Home Improvement: Tool Time After Dark (Part 2)

423. Tool Time After Dark (Part 2)

Aired April 11, 1995

After overindulging in Polish food at dinner, Tim is up all night and watches highlights from Tool Time. [CLIP SHOW]

Quote from Wilson

Tim: Wilson.
Wilson: Nighty-ho, good neighbor.
Tim: What are you barbecuing at 4am for?
Wilson: Well, it may be 4am in Detroit, but it's dinnertime in Mindanao.
Tim: Huh?
Wilson: Tonight is their annual Zamboanga festival.
Tim: Zamboanga? I love watching those bad boys clear the ice before a hockey game, huh?
Wilson: No, no, Tim. The festival is a celebration of multiculturalism in the Philippines. Would you like some barbecued pork?
Tim: No, I'm battling a gutful of Polish food. I overdid it tonight.
Wilson: Hm. Well, as the Roman poet Lucan said: "Keep to moderation, keep the end in view, follow nature."
Tim: Well, my end has been following nature all night. I'll never do that again. Although that pork is smelling mighty good.
Wilson: Go to bed, Tim.


Quote from Tim

Tim: Are you awake? Jill? Uh, Jill? I'm just gonna make myself a little kielbasa omelet, with a hint of golabki.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Honey. Honey, honey. Honey, come on. Wake up. This is the Tool Time pilot. It's groundbreaking TV.

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