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Tool Time After Dark (Part 2)

‘Tool Time After Dark (Part 2)’

Season 4, Episode 23 -  Aired April 11, 1995

After overindulging in Polish food at dinner, Tim is up all night and watches highlights from Tool Time. [CLIP SHOW]

Quote from Wilson

Tim: Wilson.
Wilson: Nighty-ho, good neighbor.
Tim: What are you barbecuing at 4am for?
Wilson: Well, it may be 4am in Detroit, but it's dinnertime in Mindanao.
Tim: Huh?
Wilson: Tonight is their annual Zamboanga festival.
Tim: Zamboanga? I love watching those bad boys clear the ice before a hockey game, huh?
Wilson: No, no, Tim. The festival is a celebration of multiculturalism in the Philippines. Would you like some barbecued pork?
Tim: No, I'm battling a gutful of Polish food. I overdid it tonight.
Wilson: Hm. Well, as the Roman poet Lucan said: "Keep to moderation, keep the end in view, follow nature."
Tim: Well, my end has been following nature all night. I'll never do that again. Although that pork is smelling mighty good.
Wilson: Go to bed, Tim.


Quote from Tim

Tim: Are you awake? Jill? Uh, Jill? I'm just gonna make myself a little kielbasa omelet, with a hint of golabki.

Quote from Tim

Tim: Honey. Honey, honey. Honey, come on. Wake up. This is the Tool Time pilot. It's groundbreaking TV.