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Quote from Jill in Tool Time After Dark (Part 1)

Tim: Hey, what are you doing up, honey?
Jill: Ever since you woke me, I couldn't get back to sleep.
Tim: Oh, sorry. What happened to your hair? It looks horrible.
Jill: Well, excuse me. I didn't know I had to dress for your upset stomach.
Tim: Well, I won't look at you that much.
Jill: Thank you.
Tim: I was starting to feast myself on old Tool Times. Speaking of feast, are there any golabkis left?
Jill: If you even think about a golabki, I'm gonna file for a divorceki.
Tim: I wouldn't worry about other guys looking at you with your hair like that. Will you watch some of these Tool Times with me?
Jill: Well, I can't get back to sleep any other way.

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