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It's Just Like Riding a Bike

‘It's Just Like Riding a Bike’

Season 7, Episode 19 -  Aired April 24, 2007

After Lorelai returns to Luke's dinner for the first time since their break-up, her Jeep breaks down and she needs a new way to get to work. Meanwhile, Paris is inundated with admittance decisions from law schools and med schools.

Quote from Sookie

Sookie: Ignore Lorelai.
Jackson: What?
Sookie: You are absolutely not to make yourself at home, don't leave your clothes lying all over the house.
Jackson: I won't.
Sookie: Wipe your shoes off if you go outside and come back in.
Jackson: I will.
Sookie: Don't leave them laying around in the middle of the room or anywhere where they can be smelled.
Jackson: Sookie.
Sookie: Just don't touch anything, and hang up your wet towels.
Jackson: I have stayed at other people's houses before.


Quote from Lorelai

Lorelai: [on the phone] What kind of think tank?
Rory: I know, I know I should have asked, but I temporarily forgot your fascination with think tanks.
Lorelai: Does the guy have a big forehead? I always picture the think-tank guys with big foreheads.
Rory: No, he has a pretty average-sized forehead. Average to small.
Lorelai: Interesting.

Quote from Sookie

Sookie: Now, I want you to imagine your dream car. It can be anything you want. You're backing out of the driveway. You're driving through Stars Hollow. "Good morning, townspeople! Top of the morning to you."
Lorelai: Why am I saying "top of the morning"?
Sookie: It doesn't matter what you say. It matters what you're in.

Quote from Paris

Paris: The good news is I came up with a point system to evaluate each institution based on faculty, earning potential, location, prestige, and perception of prestige, which I've actually decided is worth two points. I'm not proud of that but like you taught me with your U. Penn reaction, that's how the world works...

Quote from Sookie

Sookie: Well... I don't want to be mad. I don't. It's just that every time my feet hurt or my back gets sore or Davey and Martha have a tantrum or get the chicken pox, I get scared about having a third kid. And then I feel bad for feeling like that, and then I get mad at you for making me feel like that.
Jackson: I understand. I do. Heck, I'm still mad at myself. It's just that at some point, you are gonna forgive me eventually, right?
Sookie: It's just sometimes it feels really overwhelming.
Jackson: I know, but you got to let me back in.
Sookie: I want to. I do.

Quote from Luke

Luke: And here's a news flash for you, okay? Sports cars don't think they're better than other cars, okay? Hatchbacks don't have SUV inferiority complexes.
Lorelai: Now who's ridiculous?
Luke: And sedans aren't afraid to get dirty.

Quote from Paris

Paris: So carry that thought out. Let's say you get The New York Times fellowship and Logan's meetings in San Francisco go incredibly well and he wants to move there. Do you take a job in San Francisco? The Chronicle is a perfectly adequate paper. Or do you go to The New York Times?
Rory: The New York Times.
Paris: Then we're saying the same thing, aren't we?
Rory: No, not at all.
Paris: You're saying your career is your priority over your relationship.
Rory: They're both priorities.
Paris: But your career comes first.
Rory: Well, I didn't say it comes first. I -- I'm just not ready to make any sacrifices in that area yet.
Paris: But you are willing to make sacrifices in your relationship. Hence, your career is more important to you, just like me.
Rory: Well, I wouldn't say "more important." I guess I just thought that if Logan and I have to do long-distance again, we'll make it work.
Paris: Sure. Maybe. Then again, choosing to be apart might be choosing to be apart.

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