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Quote from Rachel in The One After Ross Says Rachel

Phoebe: So, what happened?
Rachel: Well, Ross said my name.
Phoebe: Yeah, I know. But I don't think that means anything.
Rachel: Okay, Pheebs, let's look at this objectively. Ninth grade, right? The obsession starts. All right, summer after ninth grade, he sees me in a two-piece for the first time. His obsession begins to grow, right?


 ‘The One After Ross Says Rachel’ Quotes

Quote from Jack Geller

Jack Geller: Boy, a bad time to say the wrong name, huh, Ross?
Ross: That's true. Thanks, Dad.

Quote from Ross

Joey: Hey, Ross, the band's ready outside for your first dance with Emily.
Ross: Oh! Oh. The band's ready. Well, we've got to do what the band says, right? I don't care about the stupid band!
Joey: You spit on me, man.

Quote from Judy Geller

Judy Geller: This is worse than when he married the lesbian.