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Quote from Joey in The One with the Ultimate Fighting Competition

Monica: It's sort of like wrestling. But without the costumes.
Joey: And it's not fake. It's totally brutal.
Chandler: Yeah, it's two guys in the ring and the rules are, "There are no rules!"
Monica: You can, like, bite and pull people's hair and stuff?
Ross: Anything goes except eye-gouging and fish-hooking.
Monica: What's fish-hooking?
Ross: What's fish-hook- [Joey fish-hooks Ross] Thanks, man. That would have been really hard to describe. What is that taste?
Joey: What? My hands are totally clean. I just gave the duck a bath.


 ‘The One with the Ultimate Fighting Competition’ Quotes

Quote from Ross

Ross: This is ironic. Your last boyfriend, Richard, didn't want to have kids. And from the looks of it, now Pete can't.

Quote from Joey

Ross: So, Chandler, from now on, don't give your boss a chance to get you. Just don't turn your back to him.
Joey: Or you could teach him a lesson, you know? What you could do is rub something that smells really bad on your butt, right? Then, when he goes to smack you, his hand will smell.
Now, what could you rub on your butt that would smell bad?

Quote from Phoebe

Rachel: So, come on, what was the big news Pete wanted to tell you, Mon? Or should I say, "Mrs. Monica Becker"?
Phoebe: Oh, keep your name. Don't take his name.
Monica: He didn't ask me to marry him.
Phoebe: Then definitely don't take his name.