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Party, Party

‘Party, Party’

Season 5, Episode 23 - Aired May 19, 1998

After Frasier twice misses a date with a woman, he tries desperately to make things up to the her before she leaves town.

Quote from Niles

Niles: Are you insane? This is the Safari Club. These are the people who introduced badminton to Devil's Island. Rumors have it they challenged the lepers of Molokai to a three-legged race.


Quote from Martin

Martin: Just as long as we've got enough ice. You got four bags, right?
Daphne: No, I got two.
Martin: Two? I told you to get four bags.
Daphne: Oh, here we go.
Martin: You never under-budget on the ice. You never know, you might get a lot more rocks drinkers than you expected. Or ice chewers.

Quote from Frasier

Niles: What are you doing here?
Frasier: Wishing I had taken the stairs.

Quote from Niles

Niles: Here's something interesting: I think I just swallowed my tongue.

Quote from Niles

Niles: Frasier, I have to ask a small favor. I need you to create a distraction, while I have a sex change and move to Europe.

Quote from Noel

Frasier: You know what? I was just heading down. We're out of ice.
Noel: Oh, not anymore. I brought a twenty-pound bag. Just call me Noel Shempsky, Party Saver.

Quote from Frasier

Martin: Snow, sleet hail, frost, frostbite, gangrene.
Frasier: Gangrene?!

Quote from Bulldog

Bulldog: Second syllable. Shrink. Doctor. Dork.

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: In fact, it's turning out to be the worst birthday party I've had since I was eight, when I pinned the tail on Sally Annunciato. She shoved a cupcake down my shorts.

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Well, I could drive you.
Tricia: But it's only twenty minutes to the airport, it's hardly worth it.
Frasier: I wasn't talking about the airport.
Tricia: What?
Frasier: I could have you in Spokane in six hours. That'll certainly give us enough time to get acquainted.
Tricia: Oh, no, I can't ask you to do that.
Frasier: But you didn't ask. I offered. Look, I want to do it. Here.
Tricia: That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard.
Frasier: Well, the way I see it, one of two things can happen. Either we'll discover that we've foolishly built each other up in our own imaginations because we've had so much trouble getting together. Or, this could end up being a story we tell our grandchildren. Personally, I can't wait to find out which.

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