Julius Quote #42

Quote from Julius in Everybody Hates the Babysitter

Rochelle: Oh, hey, baby. How was work?
Julius: Hard.
Rochelle: You know, I was thinking that maybe we should go out, you know? Have dinner relax a little.
Julius: Why would I go out to relax, when I can relax at home for free?
Adult Chris: [v.o.] That was my father's rationale for everything.
Julius: $20 to get in the club? We can dance at home for free.


 ‘Everybody Hates the Babysitter’ Quotes

Quote from Tonya

Tonya: Does Yvette live with you?
Mrs. Sanders: Yes. Why?
Tonya: My mama said if I have a baby before I get married, she says she's putting me out because she ain't raising no babies. You like raising babies?
Mrs. Sanders: No.
Tonya: How come you didn't put her out?
Mrs. Sanders: How old are you?
Tonya: Nine.

Quote from Chris

Adult Chris: [v.o.] I wanted this to be a good night for my parents. And I didn't want my father to think I couldn't handle things. So, I decided to keep everything that happened to myself.
Julius: You know, Yvette, are you free next Friday?
Chris: No, no, no, no, no! She left us to go get a baby. But then when she came back, she burnt your chicken. So then, this guy came to the door asking for the baby. He said his name was Mario and he was the baby's father. So then when he left, she came back, and the baby wasn't here. So then she went too get baby back, her mother came the door looking for her and the baby. So then they had a big fight about where to live. She said she'd live at Mario's house. Who is Mario?! So then when she came back, she started braiding Tonya's hair. Drew got to watch the game, you guys came back. She's trying to make it look like everything was all peachy and fine. It's not!
Julius: I told you we should have let Chris baby-sit. Girl, give me my money back.
Rochelle: I'm going to kick her ass. Hold my wig.

Quote from Adult Chris

Mario: I'm Mario. Is that my baby?
Chris: I don't know. Is it?
Mario: I know. He takes after his mom.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] We didn't know if it was his baby, either. But trust me, there ain't no Black man picking up a baby that ain't his.