Erin Quote #26

Quote from Erin in Episode Three

Michelle: So he's just gonna pack in the priesthood now, is he? Like, completely?
Erin: Well, you can't exactly go part-time.
Orla: All because of us.
Erin: Not all because of us, Orla. I mean, a bit because of us. But mostly because it turns out he had a connection with one of the colourists in Hair and Flair, who does our Sarah's forwards, by the way. And apparently she's a dirty tramp. So, you know, good luck with that, Peter.
Michelle: At least your ma was all right with dog piss gate. I thought she was gonna go fucking nuts.
Erin: Let me put it this way. I have locked my mother in a cage designed by her own art. Oh, she has been well and truly hoist by her own petard.
Michelle: Could you put it another way? I didn't understand a word of that.
Erin: I'm sort of blackmailing her.
Michelle: Oh, happy days.


‘Episode Three’ Quotes

Quote from Michelle

Michelle: Christ, I feel a bit bokey. [Michelle opens the curtains]
Clare: Sweet sufferin' Jesus, it's the morning already! What are we going to do?
Michelle: Well, maybe we could start with calming the fuck down.
Clare: Calm down? We're still on William of Orange, Michelle! We haven't so much looked at the famine!
Michelle: We've got the gist. They ran out of spuds. Everyone was ragin'.
James: Well, I can't tell my rebellions from my risings.
Michelle: And whose fault's that? If your lot had stopped invading us for five fucking minutes there'd be a lot less to wade through, you English prick!

Quote from Granda Joe

Joe: You stay over too, son?
James: Yes, I did. That's correct, sir.
Joe: [looks at Erin] What, in your room? [to Gerry] Have you nothing to say about this, you slack southern shite? Look, love, I know the fella's gay...
James: I'm not gay.
Joe: But gay or not...
James: Who said I was gay?
Joe: ...he's still a fella. There's still a good chance that he's a rapist. I mean no offence, son.

Quote from Orla

Sarah: So what happens now, Peter?
Father Peter: Well, I think the next stage is Rome, audience with the big man.
Orla: Pavarotti!
Gerry: John-Paul II.

Erin Quotes

Quote from Episode Five

Erin: Shh! Can you hear that?
Clare: Hear what?
Gerry: Come on, Emmett, out you go.
Joe: Ah-ah! You just stay where you are, son.
Erin: Ticking. It's... It's like a ticking sound!
Gerry: I'm not comfortable driving him across the border.
Joe: Fine... I'll drive him.
Erin: Oh, dear God!
Mary: We're all involved in this, Da. We'll decide what to do as a family.
Erin: Bomb! He has a bomb! [Emmett opens the car boot] Listen, Mammy! Listen!
Mary: Ach, Erin, that's just the big clock.

Quote from Across the Barricade

Father Peter: I want you guys to give me examples of things that Catholics and Protestants have in common and things that they don't have in common. Let's start with similarities. Erin, why don't you get the ball rolling?
Erin: OK. So, we both... Right. So, we all... God, this is actually quite hard.
Father Peter: Anything at all, a small thing even.
Erin: OK, so... Right. God, I'm, actually, drawing a blank here, to be honest.
Father Peter: Not to worry, someone else? A similarity? Yes.
Philip: Protestants are British and Catholics are Irish. [Clare smiles]
Father Peter: So that's actually a difference. Quite a... Quite a big difference. [Clare's smile drops] But that's OK, we can write that down.

Quote from Episode Five

Gerry: OK, look, I've yet to hear anybody say anything to convince me that bringing that lad across the border with us is a good idea.
Erin: Shit, he's coming!
Emmett: I really didn't want to have to do this... [reaches inside his jacket]
Erin: Jesus Christ! Get down! Everybody get down!
Emmett: Is there something wrong with her? [lights a cigarette]
Mary: Stop that, Erin.