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Quote from Erin in Episode Three

Michelle: So he's just gonna pack in the priesthood now, is he? Like, completely?
Erin: Well, you can't exactly go part-time.
Orla: All because of us.
Erin: Not all because of us, Orla. I mean, a bit because of us. But mostly because it turns out he had a connection with one of the colourists in Hair and Flair, who does our Sarah's forwards, by the way. And apparently she's a dirty tramp. So, you know, good luck with that, Peter.
Michelle: At least your ma was all right with dog piss gate. I thought she was gonna go fucking nuts.
Erin: Let me put it this way. I have locked my mother in a cage designed by her own art. Oh, she has been well and truly hoist by her own petard.
Michelle: Could you put it another way? I didn't understand a word of that.
Erin: I'm sort of blackmailing her.
Michelle: Oh, happy days.

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