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Quote from Cory in I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian

Cory: We got a big problem with Shawn. This one goes way beyond pooh-berty.
Mr. Turner: You mean puberty?
Cory: Yeah, pooh-berty.


Quote from Mr. Feeny in I Was a Teenage Spy

Cory: My name is Brad Pitt, sir.
Mr. Feeny: Well, Mr. Pittsir. If you want to keep your nose clean around here, I suggest you steer clear of bad apples like this Johnny Rottenseed.

Quote from Cory in Life Lessons

Mr. Feeny: I believe the term was dinosaur, wasn't it? I'm an old dinosaur.
Cory: Which is a good thing. I mean people love dinosaurs. I mean you've got your Barneys, your Jurassic Parks. And who can forget about Dino Flintstone?

Quote from Mr. Feeny in The Pink Flamingo Kid

Cory: Detention?
Mr. Feeny: Let's not call it detention. I prefer Hooked on Feeny.

Quote from Cory in A Kiss Is More Than a Kiss

Cory: Maybe I'm dreaming. Pinch me! ... Not on the butt.
Shawn: Sorry, it was just right there.

Quote from Cory in Rave On

Cory: Reg. Reginald Fairfield. What are you doing here?

Quote from Cory in Rave On

Cory: Wow, no one in my entire life's ever said I look like my parents.

Quote from Cory in Truth and Consequences

Cory: Say what you want about Feeny-
Shawn: I think he's one of the biggest-
Cory: Not now.

Quote from Eric in Truth and Consequences

Eric: Hi, Eric Matthews, amateur sleeper ready to turn pro.

Quote from Eric in This Little Piggy

Eric: What is there to enjoy? We've got three fat tenors going at it in Italian. "I'm fatter than you are. I'm fatter than you are."

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