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Quote from Cory in I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian

Cory: We got a big problem with Shawn. This one goes way beyond pooh-berty.
Mr. Turner: You mean puberty?
Cory: Yeah, pooh-berty.


 ‘I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian’ Quotes

Quote from Shawn

Shawn: At least at the trailer park I'll be surrounded by family. And the FBI agents who surround them.

Quote from Cory

Cory: Good news. The duplex in the condo community, I talked them down. And look what they're throwing in, carpets. Now my advice is to go shag because it feels good between your toes.

Quote from Eric

Eric: Aw, Mr. Feeny, I worked really hard on this. Where did I go wrong?
Mr. Feeny: I'd have to say the fifth grade when you took that ride in the dryer.
Eric: Yeah, but if it wasn't for that my hair would still look like Cory's.