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The Cabin Show

‘The Cabin Show’

Season 3, Episode 1 -  Aired September 19, 2005

When Michael goes to visit his father in prison, he learns that Oscar is actually the one behind bars, a revelation that threatens the camping trip Michael promised his son.

Quote from Michael

Narrator: Michael, meanwhile, arrived in Reno, a city competing with Las Vegas' successful "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" campaign, and set about searching for Barry Zuckerkorn.
Michael: I'm looking for a man who's probably in the seedy underbelly of Reno.
Cab Driver: Oh, the Christian League had The Seedy Underbelly shut down. Now it's a Swallows.
Narrator: Swallows was a family-style restaurant by day and an anything-goes, pan-sexual bazaar by night.


Quote from Tobias

Michael: There were blue hand prints on them?
Tobias: Yes, and I swear to you they weren't...
Michael: Yours. No, I know. It all points to Dad. Dad's in Reno, Kitty's in Reno Dad's in Kitty. He must be a Blue Man. I'm gonna go check out the theater.
Tobias: Okay. I'll meet you there. I just have to break down the salad bar and set up the leather pony.
Michael: What's the leather pony?
Tobias: I don't know. We don't have that at lunch.

Quote from Michael

Michael: No, no, G-G-Gob, Gob, you can't just leave your son in the middle of a parking lot in Reno.
Narrator: And that's when Michael saw his own son in a parking lot in Reno. He drove all the way up here to be with me.
Michael: Wow. Well, I guess I'm, uh, I'm no better than- [sees Gob running away] No, I'm better.

Quote from Buster

Narrator: Lucille, meanwhile, heard a familiar sound.
Buster: [snores]
Lucille: Oh, come on!
Buster: [wakes up] Mother?
Lucille: What the hell are you doing back there?
Buster: I decided to sleep in the car, so my snoring wouldn't bother you, and I left that recording of my snoring so you wouldn't know I'm gone.
Lucille: We're halfway to the cabin. I'm going to drop you by this light.
Buster: Or I could come with you. That might be the exact shot in the arm our relationship needs.
Lucille: Well, at least I'll have someone to talk to on the way up.
Buster: [snores]

Quote from Michael

George Michael: I can't talk about it with you.
Michael: Why not?
George Michael: It's just, it's about a girl, and you're not gonna like this.
Michael: Is it about Ann?
George Michael: No.
Michael: Oh. Then of course I'm going to like it. I- I- I- I like Ann.

Quote from Michael

George Michael: No. It It's just, it's a problem without an answer.
Michael: Well, every problem has an answer. You're probably just confused because you're going through all of this alone, and that's exactly why we need to spend this time together.
George Michael: Yeah, I guess so.
Michael: I know so. So, here's the plan. Tomorrow morning, we're gonna get up early. Before we tell the cops that Pop-Pop escaped from prison, we're going to go down to the lake, we're gonna discuss your girl problem, and it's going to be fun. Especially the part about the cops. All right? Whatever your problem is with the girl, we're going to figure it out. That's what this place is for. That, and cheating on Gangie.

Quote from George Sr.

Narrator: And the next morning, Michael rose early to spend the day with his son only to find himself once again dragged away by his family.
Michael: Dad! What the hell are you doing?
George Sr.: Sorry, I can't let you let Oscar out of prison, or they'll come for me! Hey, how do you like the cabin?

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