Barbara Quote #82

Quote from Barbara in Candy Zombies

Janine: But, uh, Barbara, what are you doing tonight?
Barbara: I'm going to a screening of Rocky Horror at my church. [off Janine's look] They take out all the cursing, all the references to sex and sexuality. It comes in at just under 26 minutes, and it is a hoot!
[aside to camera:]
Barbara: It's a yearly tradition. We've watched Nightmare Before Christmas, but only the Christmas parts, Practical Magic without the witchcraft, and Hocus Pocus without Sarah Jessica Parker.


 ‘Candy Zombies’ Quotes

Quote from Gregory

Janine: Look, I got this bag of candy from Joel and Carolina's mom. She wanted me to give it to you. Maybe she wants you to get a cavity or something.
Gregory: Oh. That's nice of her, but no thanks. I truly hate candy unless it's 96% cacao.

Quote from Barbara

Janine: Did anybody see where Baby Thanos went?
Gregory: He has to be in here somewhere.
Baby Thanos: [over intercom] It's Halloween. Kids deserve candy. It's not fair to keep it from us. I am inedible! [children cheering]
Janine: I think he means, "I am inevitable."
Melissa: Yeah, okay.
Barbara: Mm, Baby Theranos is in Ava's office!

Quote from Mr. Johnson

Jacob: Mm. Vision. I love it.
Mr. Johnson: Lil Uzi Vert. I'd be sure to throw away all my trash today.
Jacob: Oh, right. Of course. Ant season?
Mr. Johnson: Ghost season.
Jacob: [laughs] That's funny.
Mr. Johnson: Nothing funny about it, playboy. The janitor used to work right here... spent his days picking up trash. Was good at it, too. But he couldn't stop people from leaving their trash everywhere. And it haunted him till the day he died mysteriously on Halloween, right here, in the very basement of this school.
Jacob: What?
Mr. Johnson: Every Halloween, if you listen closely, you can hear the wheels of his mop bucket rolling down there. [thunder crashes]
Jacob: Oh!