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Quote from Sally in The Physics of Being Dick

Dick: Career day? What career day? I've heard nothing of this.
Tommy: It's nothing, Dick. It's just a bunch of bores blabbing on about what they do. You wouldn't be interested.
Sally: Wait. Dick not interested in talking about himself?
Dick: I know! That's insane. Oh, don't be silly, Tommy. Once your classmates hear me speak, you'll be the toast of the school.
Sally: Wait. Are you kidding, Dick? You're a physics professor. I mean, that's almost as dorky as...
Tommy: I got nothing.
Harry: I'm stumped.


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Quote from Sally

Sally: I found a mistake in your speech.
Mary: Oh. Okay. Let's hear it.
Sally: Okay. This is so great. Okay. Here on page 2, you say there aren't any Aymaran communities on the high plains, but Dirkson's survey says there are.
Mary: No, there aren't.
Sally: Yeah, but Dirkson says there are.
Mary: All right. Maybe there's one or two, but my point still stands.
Sally: No. Okay, but Dirkson says-
Mary: Forget Dirkson! Just go back there and concentrate on- on place names and spellings and things like that. Okay? [exits]
Sally: Man, who died and made her Dirkson?

Quote from Dick

Dick: Morning, class, I'm sorry I'm so late. A funny thing happened today. I learned that there is a, uh... A small group of people that doesn't find physics absolutely exhilarating. Isn't that hilarious? [silence] [students let out a slight chuckle] Exactly. So I was wondering, what drove you to take it?
Bug: Well, uh, it's required.
Pitman: And we want to graduate.
Dick: So that's all that brings you back to my class, a requirement? Not one of you yearns for a career in physics? [Leon raises his hand] Not one soul longs to make physics his lifework? [Leon waves his hand] Not one among you aspires to place physics--
Leon: Dr. Solomon.
Dick: Leon, please, tell me you have to pee.

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Quote from Dick and Harry Fall Down a Hole

Sally: Plus, we don't need him. I have a plan.
Don: You do?
Sally: Yeah, I'm gonna flood the hole with 3,000 gallons of water, and then Dick and Harry'll just float to the top.
Don: What if they don't float?
Sally: Well... then they're witches.

Quote from Gwen, Larry, Dick and Mary

Sally: All right. What have we got, Tommy?
Tommy: The lady says she stepped out of the laundromat to get a coffee. When she returned, her slipcovers had been removed from the dryer and placed on the folding table. She also claims they were still wet.
Sally: Is this a fact, sir?
Mrs. Dubcek: He moved my stuff.
Sally: I am not talking to you.
Mrs. Dubcek: I'm saying, I went-
Sally: Zip it! Tommy... [clears throat] Why don't you tell our friend here the rules.
Tommy: The rules are: you are not to remove someone else's moist items from the dryer.
Sally: Now, was it moist?
Man: It was damp.
Sally: Don't pee on my shoes and tell me the washer's leaking.